Shar-Poo Dog Care Basics: Grooming, Nutrition, & Health Guide For New Owners

Mar 12, 2024

Curious about the adorable, wrinkle-faced Shar-Poo dog breed? Doodle Dogs Utopia has you covered with a new guide that contains everything you need to know about these adorable, playful doodle dogs.

Curious about the adorable, wrinkle-faced Shar-Poo dog breed? Doodle Dogs Utopia has you covered with a new guide that contains everything you need to know about these adorable, playful furballs.

Shar-Poo: A Beautiful Doodle Dog

The Shar Pei-Poodle mix, also known as the Shar-Poo, is an elegant breed. With the Shar-Pei’s history dating back to ancient China, and the Poodle’s from France, the Shar-Poo is an extremely intelligent dog.  Their wrinkles give them an endearing and unique look.  They are incredible animals and make great companions!

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The Shar-Pei-Poodle is a fantastic dog for families with both a noble (and adorable) history, but it is also a breed that needs constant care! If you have one or are considering adding one to your family, then you need to know how to care for this wrinkly, lovable critter. 

Luckily, the experts over at Doodle Dogs Utopia have done all the heavy lifting for us! With their latest guide, you can get the full picture of what it takes to care for one of these beautiful beasts, some common problems that owners run into, and much more!

What's Inside?

In the new guide, Doodle Dogs Utopia begins at square one, noting that Shar-Poos are generally highly intelligent and can adapt to various living situations, making them suitable for apartment dwellers.

With their good-natured temperament and friendly demeanor, the dogs also make a great family pet, as the guide says. You also won't have to worry about shedding; they were bred to retain their thick, short coat as a defense against burrs and other hazards in the wilderness, which ironically makes them a great choice for indoor living as well!

The guide also displays some Nationwide Pet Insurance research showing a 160% increase in doodle dog popularity over the previous ten years. Furthermore, the research also mentions that doodle dogs have a significantly lower risk of contracting cancer compared to their purebred counterparts.

The Basics Of Shar-Poo Care

While Shar-Poos and other doodle dogs are therefore a comparatively low-risk choice of breed, the guide explains that owners should still be aware of some common health issues to better care for their pet. For instance, most Shar-Poos inherit the distinctive skin folds of their Shar-Pei parents, and these folds sometimes trap moisture and debris, which can lead to skin infections if they are not regularly cleaned and dried.

The guide discusses common personality and behavioral traits in Shar-Poos. For example, they tend to be very quick learners, and their alert and loyal nature makes them great watchdogs that are also good with children.

That intelligence, though, means they are incredibly playful as well; they need constant exercise and stimulation, but with such a lovable face, I don't imagine you'll be able to resist them when it comes time to frolic and play!

“Shar-Poos offer a unique combination of intelligence and loyalty,” explains the guide author. “With the right environment, socialization, and understanding, Shar-Poos can be fantastic companions, suitable for various lifestyles and households.”

About Doodle Dogs Utopia

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