ShadeTree Visuals Announces Tax Season TV Show Pilot – YouTube Trailer Released

Nov 8, 2021

ShadeTree Visuals LLC, available at +1-833-983-6346, has got tongues wagging with the release of its new TV pilot trailer. You can’t afford to miss Tax Season!

[email protected]This exciting new TV show pilot trailer is available to watch on YouTube now - and fans are loving the pace, the direction, and the exciting characters. Trust us… you need to give it a watch today!

Created by production company owner, Shadetree K-Dee, also known as KD Davis, Tax Season is an exciting new production that sees an entrepreneurial nephew and his uncle thrown into a Cartel murder conspiracy.

Check out the trailer at:

The newly launched trailer gives you a glimpse of the TV show’s aesthetic, and hints at the duos' goal of becoming the most prominent legal marijuana farmers in South Carolina.

However, in order to escape the dangers of the Cartel and rise above the competition, they will need to use a combination of wit and dysfunctional family members to achieve their dreams.

Shadetree K-Dee worked as Executive Producer on the pilot, and is excited to release the trailer to a global audience on YouTube. You can watch it now and get involved in the comments section!

The TV pilot stars Rickstarr, Frederick Yeldell, Deak J. Smalls, Lovely Browne, Shalanda Martin, and Osunji Yeldell. Jonathan Adams, Quincy O’Neal Clark, Brittany Altenbach, Ernest Gass, Kasia Hart, and Phil Biedron also feature.

Additional details are provided at:

ShadeTree Visuals is a North Charleston-based production company that specializes in compelling video content, music, commercials, and cinematic trailers. The team works with businesses, actors, and clients across sectors.

You can get in touch for professional photography services, including portraits and modeling shoots, cover art, and personalized photoshoots.

The highly regarded team can use drones to film eye-catching and distinctive content, and are experienced at all types of film work, from documentaries to web series production.

Video has been proven to be the most engaging form of media online today, and can increase conversion for your business through a variety of means. You can get in touch with ShadeTree Visuals for your own film work, creative advertising, and social media campaign content.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our aim is to utilize our creativity and expertise to deliver the best quality of work while building professional relationships and earning trust. We are able to offer services spanning from pre-production including scriptwriting through production, post-production and even distribution of your project.”

Follow the show’s journey on YouTube today, and don’t miss any of the news and info!

Want to grab some show-related deals? Check out for any extra info you need!

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