Sew Baby Blankets In Just One Hour With Quick & Easy Patterns & How To Guides

May 26, 2023

Sewing Pattern Secrets has the best sewing machine patterns on the internet and they all come with ‘how to’ guides that will ensure you can complete them with ease.

If all the sewing patterns you download off the internet are totally sew-sew, you might be starting to lose the thread! Luckily, Sewing Pattern Secrets is here to show you that sewing can be easy and fun.

Sewing Pattern Secrets is fast becoming one of the most comprehensive sites for American sewists. All of their patterns are seamstress designed and, if you become a member, you will get a new project each month. This month, you can enjoy their new baby blanket design, which they recommend as a fun and easy project for sewists of all levels.

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The new platform has been spearheaded by one of America’s leading professional seamstresses, Molly McGuire. After seeing the poor quality of the majority of sewing machine patterns available online—which are, even with her vast experience—almost impossible to actually complete, she decided to start sharing some of her own tried-and-true patterns with you.

Although sewing is rapidly growing in popularity amongst a new generation of young sewists, Molly McGuire knows how easy it is to get disheartened by the process when you’re a beginner, especially if you’ve spent hours buying fabrics, cutting out the pieces and starting to sew them, only to find your pattern doesn’t actually work.

That’s why with Sewing Pattern Secrets, she only gives you patterns that she has designed, or that have been designed by a team of professional seamstresses. Additionally, on the platform, each sewing pattern is just one part of a bigger ‘how to’ sewing design guide that includes a step-by-step instruction list, a clear material and cutting list, garment schematics, and more.

You’ll love that Sewing Pattern Secrets’ growing digital classroom also features lessons, tutorials and courses that cover both essential sewing basics up to more advanced skills.

Molly McGuire has also tried to create patterns for simple one-hour projects, and she believes her new baby blanket is a quick and easy project for you, whatever your skill level is. If you have a baby in your family or friendship group who you are sewing for, the site also has sewing machine patterns for baby dresses, baby bibs, baby bunting, baby onesies, baby rompers, and more.

Sewing Pattern Secrets is a fast-growing resource for American sewists. It currently has over 125 different sewing machine patterns and ‘how to’ guides available for download.

Head seamstress Molly McGuire said, “Here’s the big problem. Most sewing patterns found on the internet are complete garbage. No wonder sewing can seem so hard! That’s why I am proud to be giving you access to over 125 high-quality and popular sewing patterns with step-by-step instructions that let you create stunning, professional clothes and crafts—easily, quickly and hassle-free.”

If you’re tired of patterns that just can’t be sewn, Sewing Pattern Secrets is proud to be giving you a whole lot of new sewing material!

Visit if you’re ready to discover a better way to sew.

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