SETC Zone Filing With Audit Protection Law Firm

Jan 9, 2024

SETC Zone has been recognized as being a front runner in the realm of audit protection and compliance in tax credit filings. More information can be found at

SETC Zone, a company helping self employed individuals and independent contractors claim the Self Employed Tax Credit operating throughout the USA, based out of Denver, CO, has today been recognized as being a front runner in the realm of audit protection and compliance in tax credit filings.

SETC Zone has been operating in the tax credits and grants market for a little under a year and competes against notable businesses such as Top Notch and Self Employed Tax Credits, LLC. They have been able to make such a strong impression on the market and gain reputation by ease of filing process, quick turnaround time, rigorous standards and protections offered by the law firm.

Katina Ndlovu, SETC Zone's VP Marketing spoke about its recent recognition, expanding on some of the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it's currently reached.

"When SETC Zone was founded, it was made abundantly clear we wanted to be the kind of company that was known for helping our clients by educating them on the tools available to them, easing the application process, and allowing them to rest assured we have their backs.. One of the biggest challenges we faced was growth, expanding our capacity to meet demand without sacrificing on quality. Fortunately with some good people behind us, and we are solutions oriented. We view problems as challenges and opportunities for growth, so, we were able to overcome every obstacle and really hit our stride."

Katina Ndlovu also mentioned SETC Zone's future plans involve strengthening company offerings for the clients through other grants and credits. It's the hope of the company that it will be able to continue helping as many independent contractors, self employed individuals, and small business owners to learn about and if eligible file for the SETC.

SETC Zone plans to maintain its position at the forefront of audit protection and compliance in tax credit filings for years to come, building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community, customers and the world at large.

More information on SETC Zone can be found at their website:

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