Service Dog Training Methods For French Bulldogs: Correct Excessive Barking

Jun 3, 2024

Does your French bulldog keep barking up the wrong tree? He or she just needs a bit of training. Check out French Bull Blog’s latest guide to learn about the most effective training methods you can use to correct their behavior!

With all the joys of dog ownership come the difficulties of dog ownership, and sometimes that can involve having a dog that just barks way too much. Luckily, not all hope is lost. Most dogs can be trained to stop barking, even the most stubborn of French bulldogs, and French Bull Blog will tell you the best way to achieve exactly that in their easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide! 

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When Barking is Problematic

While barking is part of a dog’s natural instincts, French Bull Blog says that excessive barking is sometimes an indication of a problem. French bulldogs may vocalize because they feel territorial, want attention, are anxious, or are suffering from underlying health conditions. As a result, the first step to correcting the issue is identifying the factors causing the dog to bark. Once you’ve addressed said factors, you can begin training the dog. 

Positive Reinforcement is Key

French Bull Blog notes that positive reinforcement and reward-based training work well for French bulldogs, but in order for these methods to be effective, you must reward the dog when it is quiet and ignore attention-seeking behavior. Teaching them commands, such as “Quiet” and “Speak,” is often helpful for the process.

To complement reward-based training, you should also gradually desensitize your French bulldog to factors that cause it to bark. You can do this by exposing the animal to triggers from a distance; decreasing this distance over time and continuously rewarding quiet behavior will eventually habituate the dog to any triggers and make it less likely to react in their presence. 

French Bull Blog says that you can also attempt more advanced training strategies, such as clicker training. If used correctly, clickers can precisely communicate which behaviors are acceptable and which are not, making it easier for French bulldogs to understand what they are being rewarded for. 

Additionally, while training is an important part of behavior correction, French Bull Blog also suggests fostering a calm home environment. Animals are highly attuned to their surroundings, so if things are always a little crazy at home, your pooch will be constantly agitated, too!

Another thing you can do is provide the dog with adequate physical activity and mental stimulation. A tired dog is a quiet dog, since he or she won’t have the energy to bark!

Remember, consistency is the key. Give your furbaby the patience he or she deserves, and you will be rewarded with a lifelong bond.

When to Seek Professional Trainers

As a final note, French Bull Blog notes that some French bulldogs may require professional training due to breed-specific challenges or individual circumstances. If the dog displays persistent aggression, severe anxiety, or a lack of progress with basic training, you should consider seeking help from a certified trainer. Sometimes, it’s better to leave things in the hands of an expert.

If you want more training tips or even just general tips on French bulldog ownership, French Bull Blog is the best resource you can go to for some quick but comprehensive advice. It’s any French bulldog lover’s best friend, so if you want to get closer to your best friend, give their guides a read!

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