Sensual Essential Oil Roll-On Perfumes: Recipe For Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Feb 10, 2024

Looking for beautiful fragrances that don’t come with harmful chemicals? Popular online store and resource Loving Essential Oils has just released their guide to making roll-on perfumes from essential oils. Check out their “Love Potion” recipe for Valentine’s Day!

Are you the type of person who would rather make your own products than sink hundreds of dollars into cosmetics packed with synthetic, multi-syllabic ingredients you can barely pronounce? Then welcome to Loving Essential Oils, your home for natural essential oils and a million ways to use them. Want to try making your own roll-on perfume? There's a recipe for that.

>> Learn all about the healthy properties of essential oils and make your own Love Potion perfume for Valentine's Day with help from Loving Essential Oils, at


The trend toward do-it-yourself (DIY) cosmetics and other products is showing no signs of slowing down, and why should it? It's good to know what's in the products you use.

Certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane takes this idea another step forward with her guide to roll-on perfume using essential oils. Get a healthier, more affordable alternative to synthetic fragrances and maybe even package it up as a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for friends.

Find out how to customize your own fragrances depending on the moods or feelings you want to evoke using natural, healthy ingredients.

Here's a message to you from the Loving Essential Oils team:

“Our essential oil roll-on perfume recipe is the perfect way to scent your body without harmful chemicals. This essential oil recipe is both affordable and easy to make, and it smells amazing.”


Essential oils have garnered widespread popularity for their ability to enhance and improve mood, health, and energy levels alone, and in combination with other fragrances. Jennifer's guide explains the different characteristics associated with some of the more popular essential oils - such as jojoba oils, lavender, sweet orange, and ylang ylang - to help you make informed decisions around the oils you're choosing.

Jennifer also introduces you to an array of different essential oil blends, such as:

  • bergamot and rose;
  • jasmine and grapefruit; and
  • cedarwood with sandalwood.


In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Jennifer's guide features a special “Love Potion” formulated to evoke feelings of romance and affection. You can follow her easy step-by-step instructions for making your roll-on perfume which include an explanation about the roller bottles you'll need and how to work with them.

You'll also learn about the pulse points on your body that you should apply your perfume to so aromas can be released by your body's own heat more effectively, helping your beautiful fragrance linger throughout the day or night.

Since there is definitely a learning curve that goes with using essential oils, not just for perfumes but also for aromatherapy, diffusers, and for natural cleaning products, Loving Essential Oils offers a range of "how-to" guides and lots of helpful information about the history and benefits of essential oils. Learn about the basics, their applications, and how to make your own roll-on perfume, today.

Become your own essential oils expert with help from Loving Essential Oils' one-stop platform at

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