Seniors Can Find Private Personal Fitness Training In Yaletown At This Studio

Aug 13, 2022

Want to get fit in your old age but not sure which fitness program to follow? Let T-Squared Personal Training (604-250-9784) design the perfect program for you.

Seniors Can Find Private Personal Fitness Training In Yaletown At This Studio

If you’re over 50, your fitness goals differ from someone in their early 20s, so following the latest fitness craze might not be the best idea for you.

What you need is a training program that considers your age and your physical condition.

This is what 20-year fitness veteran Troy Tyrell thought when he started offering a fitness program called gravity training for individuals over 50. It’s perfect for you because it caters to the needs of your age group while delivering the desired results. What's more, Troy’s focus on safety and personalization makes it ideal for seniors with health issues.

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T-Squared Personal Training offers its gravity training program as individual sessions or in a setting where participants work together in small groups. The studio builds workouts that target your problem areas and are engaging to keep you motivated.

You can expect a personalized approach from Troy. In addition to tracking your development, he adjusts your program as often as necessary to ensure you reach your optimum performance level.

To ensure maximum results in less time, Troy will focus on developing your posture, form, and technique. Moreover, his emphasis on safety enables him to give you training that will support your long-term fitness goals. This also allows him to customize programs that take into consideration your physical limitations.

Further, the Vancouver fitness studio also provides injury rehab if you want to regain your mobility after an accident. Troy draws on his experience working with world-class athletes in creating custom programs for clients going through recovery.

About T-Squared Personal Training

T-Squared Personal Training’s Troy Tyrell is a certified fitness trainer with over two decades of experience in the fitness industry. Over the years, he has trained many powerlifting and multi-sport athletes, focusing on helping them achieve their fitness goals safely using modern techniques in strength training, muscle building and recovery.

A satisfied client said: “I started going to this class a couple of months ago, and it has made the biggest difference in my body out of all the different types of classes I have been to. I would highly suggest this class. It’s a staple in my fitness regime.”

But don’t take someone else’s word for it. Get in touch with Troy today and find out why Vancouver locals are flocking to his studio!

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