Send Out Card Challenge: Personalize A Greeting To Spread Love & Positivity

May 27, 2024

With Ann Arbor Send Out Cards, you can make a card online and send it out to a loved one anywhere in the world. Better yet, join the ’10 Card Challenge’ today and reach 10 people!

Are you ready to leave a lasting impression on those who matter most to you? It's time to change up how you show love, gratitude, and encouragement!

Join the 10 Card Challenge with Ann Arbor Send Out Cards and put a smile on the faces of 10 people, anywhere in the world — for a one-time fee of $20.

The company describes its send-out cards as a link between the digital and physical worlds; with one card you can deliver a heartfelt message to somebody far away without leaving your home. Created by Kody Bateman, CEO of Promptings, the challenge encourages you to act on your impulses to reach out to those you care about.

Don't put it off for later

What is a Send Out Card?

A sendout card is a customized greeting card usually designed and sent via an online service. The process is made easy with the use of an app or website, where users select from a range of templates, personalize their card with their own text or images, and have it physically sent to the recipient.

Join the 10 Card Challenge

For the 10-card challenge, Ann Arbor Send Out Cards offers beautifully designed and curated catalog cards. Each card is thoughtfully crafted with inspiring prompts and messages perfect for birthdays, holidays, and conveying emotion.

Joining the challenge is a breeze! Just sign up on the Promptings website, pay the one-time fee for 10 cards, and send them out over a period of 20 days

Whether you’re expressing gratitude or sending encouragement, there’s a card for every occasion. Choose from a variety of designs and personalize your messages to make them truly special.

Professionals can also use these send out cards as a fun business marketing strategy. Show appreciation to your customers, celebrate milestones, and add a personal touch to client interactions to keep business relationships strong.

Finished Promptings’ 10 Card Challenge? 

You can upgrade to a subscription or automated system package! These options let you send group greeting cards and include cool extras like gourmet foods and seasonal gifts.

Here's your chance to brighten 11 lives, including yours! It's one card to one person, with your special message inside. Way better than a digital message, no contest!

Sign up for the Promptings 10 Card Challenge at

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