Send 10 Greeting Cards Worldwide In 20 Days To Express Gratitude To Loved Ones

Jun 18, 2024

The Promptings 10 Card Challenge is back! Send your love around the world in 20 days with 10 heartfelt greeting cards.

Time passes too quickly and easily. If you feel the urge to tell your family you love them or a friend that you miss them, don't wait. Act on it now. This is what the Promptings movement is all about.

Ann Arbor Send Out Cards announces the 10 Card Challenge, a program that allows you to send 10 personalized greeting cards to 10 people anywhere in the world in 20 days. Join the 10 Card Challenge at

Create Warm Memories

The Promptings movement encourages deliberate acts of kindness and love. With the 10 Card Challenge, you have the rare chance to uplift and create warm memories with a significant number of people in your life through one small act. These aren't just personal greeting cards, they're vulnerable, emotional moments.

“Heartfelt messages have always been the best way to act on promptings. Your personal thoughts and feelings put into words and images create appreciation energy,” said a spokesperson for Ann Arbor Send Out Cards.

Send Out Cards With Personal Messages

For a one-time cost of $20, you can send out professionally-designed, curated catalog cards with personal messages. Because the greeting cards are customizable, you can also set up themed messages to fit any occasion. These may include birthday cards, thank-you notes, condolences, and more.

The 10 Card Challenge is executed through the Promptings mechanism, a simple, efficient system that guarantees each card will arrive at the right destination. If you want to test out the quality of the system before paying, you can do so by sending out a card for free.

Transform How You Express Love And Appreciation

Following the tragic passing of his brother, Kody Bateman started the Promptings movement to help strengthen authentic human connections across the globe. Since its establishment in 2006, the Promptings movement has sent over 200 million greeting cards and 13 million gifts. With its 10 Card Challenge, the organization continues to transform how people express love and appreciation.

“A greeting card is tangible, thoughtful, heartfelt, and personal. It's reaching out with what you truly need to say to someone. It's celebrating someone for who they are and why they matter to you. It's one card to one person, with your message to them inside. It's hands-down better than a digital message,” the spokesperson added.

Click here for more on the Promptings 10 Card Challenge.

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