Sell Vacant Texas Land Parcels Fast & For Cash: Even If Going Through Bankruptcy

Dec 22, 2023

Whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy going through a divorce, or behind on taxes, Land Avion will make a fair cash offer for your vacant Texas land, regardless of its condition or your own situation.

It’s only when life throws up its unplanned turns that you might realize how difficult it can be to sell vacant land in a hurry.

Rest assured you don’t need to sell for an unreasonably low price, because Land Avion will make a fair cash offer, regardless of your legal or financial situation.

There are a few reasons you might want to sell land quickly, such as divorce proceedings, going through bankruptcy, or being behind on taxes. The firm’s cash purchase program is an ideal solution, because they’re interested in all types of vacant land, and they’ll work with you regardless of your circumstances.

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It only takes a few minutes to send details via the Land Avion website, and they’ll send you an all-inclusive and no-obligation cash offer in as little as 24-hours. The firm uses a highly streamlined process, so the whole thing can be completed and your money received in just 30-days.

Owning to a limited supply of potential buyers, vacant land can take significantly longer than housing to sell. For individuals who want to sell quickly, such as those who are experiencing a divorce or bankruptcy, there have traditionally been few options available, other than to accept a low price.

Land Avion’s program is a fair and transparent option if you’re in Texas and you’re in a similar situation. The firm conducts market research before determining a suitable offer, including county data, comparable properties, and recent sales, and it does not attach any additional fees or commissions to the final price.

“Your situation and the property’s condition, it doesn’t matter. We are ready to give anyone a fair cash offer for their vacant land,” a company representative explained. “Many of the lots we buy are in rural or undeveloped areas, making them hard to sell through traditional methods. However, we are interested in all types of land; rural, suburban, and even commercial.”

About Land Avion

First established in New Mexico in the 1990s, Land Avion attributes its longevity and continued success to fair and transparent pricing, along with the ability to purchase land in a comparatively short timeframe. In addition to Texas, the firm’s cash purchase program is available in multiple southeastern and southwestern states, including Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and Alabama.

“Selling through Land Avion was far better than dealing with real estate agents, who take months to get back to you, and then want to take a huge cut,” one owner recently stated. “Land Avion offered me a fair cash deal. I barely had to do any paperwork, and the whole thing was concluded very quickly. I’m planning to use them again in the future.”

Whatever your situation, Land Avion will make a fair cash offer for your vacant Texas land. Their offers are no-obligation, so you really have nothing to lose.

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