Self-Packing Guide For Chula Vista Apartment Owners: Free Mover Rate Estimates

Apr 5, 2024

Save money moving, without breaking your back – or your furniture! This free guide from the experts at explains how to DIY pack your furniture properly, step-by-step. They can even get you 7 free quotes from local movers, with no obligation.

Everyone loves saving money, I love it, I'm sure you love it - the question is always, "How much effort is this worth?"

If you're planning on moving, and looking to save money (who isn't?), then this free guide from has all the answers. How do you DIY pack, find the best movers, and get free quotes? All the solutions are at

In short, it works like this - they'll explain every step of the process, so you can decide which ones you want to do yourself, and where you should hire an expert.

Then, to help you get the best local experts at the best possible rate, they've got a free tool that makes the rest easy.

It All Starts With A Plan.

When you're planning a move, whether across the hall or across the nation, there is a whole range of professional services available, and for most people, the right mix is part professional, part Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

How do you find the right combination though, and how do you make sure you're getting the DIY parts done right? With, duh.

Seriously, it's super easy, I'll explain how it all works, and then you'll be all like "Wow, that's super easy."

Step 1 is to determine how much you want to DIY, and how much you want to hire a crew for.

Although “full-service moving” is an option, with professional crews handling the entire process, most folks will do at least part of the job DIY. For you, that may mean packing and/or unpacking your own boxes, or maybe even handling the furniture.

Let's Talk About Options & What You Need.

While heavy furniture can be moved DIY, it's heavy.

That means that it does require special handling and pre-packing, which isn't necessarily too difficult, but be warned.

On the plus side, the free guide from explains how to do it, step by step. It also contains a list of materials that may be needed for safely packaging each piece of furniture, such as furniture pads and plastic wrap.

You're not done yet though, if you're carrying it yourself, you may also wish to invest in, or rent, a moving dolly, moving straps, or a cart.

One Step At A Time... Or Take The Elevator.

I know things seem slow, but provides detailed instructions for each step of the process, so there's no excuse to get it wrong.

You might begin with acquiring the proper supplies, disassembling the furniture, and adding the suggested layers of protective wrapping.

However, and this is important, discuss it with your moving crew first. It would be a real shame to do all the packing yourself, and then find out it only saved you a few dollars - so get informed, before making your decisions.

You've got options - let's find out what they are.

Local Movers, Local Rates, Local Choices.

I don't know where you live right now, and I don't know where you're moving to, or how much stuff you're taking - so I can't estimate the costs... but can.

Here's a really neat trick I learned - if you go to their website and click the big green button that says "Get Quotes," you can, um... get quotes.

Okay, maybe it's not so much a "neat trick" as it is a "free tool" they provide, but roll with it, here's how it works.

You just put in information about your move, just once, like where from, where to, and how much stuff - then they'll send those details to 7 of the top-rated moving crews near you.

Before you know it, you'll get back 7 quotes, absolutely free and with no obligation - making it super easy to find the best moving crew for you. Their website even has rankings, so you can make sure other customers think they're good, before you commit.

The only way you can go wrong is if you decide to skip the free guide and free estimate tools - because otherwise, everything you need is right here. Just visit

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