Seed Phrase Storage Device With BIP39: Get Cryptotag Zeus Easy Engraving Kit

Apr 26, 2023

When it comes to your seed phrase backup, you should accept nothing less than the King of Backup Tools – Cryptotag Zeus!

I get it, you're old-fashioned - you like to write things down by hand on a piece of paper, maybe a special notebook. And that's fine... when it's your grocery list. Because honestly, what's the worst that can happen if you accidentally lose the piece of paper? Someone finds out that you prefer Pepsi to Cola? You need to write the list again? I'm sure your memory can't be THAT bad. Besides, most of us just buy the same stuff every week anyway.

On the other hand, if you happen to lose or damage the piece of paper which holds your seed phrase... well, I doubt your memory is THAT good. And, there's the very frightening possibility that you may lose all your crypto assets. Oh yes, the stakes are high!

But good thing you're old-fashioned because I'm about to suggest something that takes the "low-tech" approach even further: metal plates.

No, not some fancy metal plate with some kind of magic algorithm or AI that protects your seed phrase through some complex tech mumbo-jumbo no one can understand.

None of that.

I'm talking regular ol' metal plates on which you can engrave your seed phrase. Why metal plates? Well, for one thing, unlike paper, they don't burn. And for another thing, they're literally bulletproof.

There are tons of these products on the market, but if you're looking for the best of the best, second to none, the king of the gods, then you need Cryptotag Zeus.

You can get it in two to four days when you order from The Crypto Merchant, check out

They are an authorized retailer for Cryptotag and also stock a wide range of hardware wallets from leading manufacturers. So if you're in need of "the full package", they got you covered. But more on that later, let's go back to the King of Backup Tools - the Zeus.

So what IS the Zeus? It's literally two titanium plates. But that's not all you get, of course. They will also send you an automatic center punch device, matches, earplugs, and a setup guide. Now, the punch device and setup guide are self-explanatory, but if you're wondering about the other two items, allow me to explain.

When you engrave a metal plate with a punch device, you'll notice some uncomfortable noise, unless you have earplugs. Which you will, because the Zeus is such a premium tool that the company even thought about protecting your hearing. You will need to record up to 24 words, so it's best to err on the side of caution.

The good news is the engraving part shouldn't take you too long though. Once you find the correct seed phrase words using the BIP39 list, which is provided in the guide, you just need to record it on the conversion sheet and then engrave it. You should be done in ten minutes - easy peasy.

As for the matches, well once you're done setting up your Zeus, you will need to destroy the copy of your seed phrase recorded on the conversion sheet. You don't want to go through all that trouble to protect your seed phrase and then blow it because you didn't destroy the flimsy paper copy, do you? Didn't think so; hence matches.

(You didn't hear it from me, but you can also use the matches to see the plates in action.)

I'm not kidding - the Zeus is made with bulletproof titanium. The plates are virtually apocalypse-proof - resistant to fire, metal rollers, and pneumatic hammers. Don't let their sturdiness fool you though - you won't be carrying around a heavy piece of machinery. The Zeus is only slightly bigger than a credit card and weighs only 7.4 oz.

Lock it in your pocket.

Right now, you can even get a four-pack of these bad boys, courtesy of The Crypto Merchant. Plus, if you're in the US, you get free two- to four-day shipping with tracking, and free 30-day returns.

But don't forget to check out all the other stuff they offer. They are an authorized retailer of Cryptotag, Trezor, Ledger, and many more, so you can get verified secure and guaranteed 100% authentic crypto security products - from wallets to backup tools. Or you can stock up on crypto merch - they have that, too!

Check it all out at

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