Sedona Private Couples Retreat to Save Your Marriage

Feb 8, 2024

A relationship takes work, and sometimes, you might need a bit of help to overcome obstacles. Find your way back to each other with a Sedona Soul Adventures (928-204-5988) custom designed Couples Retreat!

Did you grow up believing in the "happily ever after"? After some time in an adult relationship, you've probably realized that the old fairytale promise was a big scam. All relationships take work, even the one with yourself, but if you're reading this, you're probably at a crossroads, not knowing if you and your partner are right for each other. What you need is some time away, at a place where you can give your full attention to working out your problems.

No matter what issues you have, the practitioners at Sedona Soul Adventures have heard it all, and after your retreat, you'll be returning home feeling connected on a higher level. Go to their website to read more about their life changing Couples Retreats.

Private Couples Retreats for Meaningful Communication

Sedona Soul Adventures is nothing like other couples retreats! Here, you'll get complete privacy during your one-on-one or two-on-one sessions. Whether you have trust issues, need to ignite that spark again, or are at constant odds with each other about small things, your Soul Guide will design a custom retreat for you and your Practitioners will help work out the issues at hand.

With our private Couple Retreats, Sedona Soul Adventures offers an alternative to group workshops where they can’t really address your particular needs and problems; plus you may not feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts and fears in front of a group of strangers. By focusing solely on one couple at a time, Sedona Soul Adventures can offer a customized set of experiences that suits your unique wishes and needs. 

Common Relationship Issues

According to a survey by Forbes Advisor, the two most common reasons why people divorce are lack of approval from family and unfaithfulness. Lack of compatibility, intimacy issues, and constant arguing all came in at third place, with 31% of respondents naming these relationship problems as grounds for separation. 

What To Expect 

At Sedona Soul Adventures, you can expect 3-5 hours a day for individual and couples sessions. The company has a network of over 60 practitioners, some with over 20 years of experience working with couples. Utilizing sessions designed by the Soul Guides to let go of wounds, hurts and heal your relationship, the experience can put love, energy, and romance back into your relationship. 

At this transformative retreat, you'll reconnect with Sedona's mystical mountains as a setting, making this an unforgettable spiritual experience. Sedona Soul Adventures hopes to help you find time to reconcile and remember what made you fall for one another in the first place. 

Go to to learn more and book your retreat today. It's an investment in your relationship you won't regret!

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