Secure Your ERTC Refund With Expert CPA Filing Assistance During IRS Crackdown

Jul 2, 2024

Call in the big guns for your ERTC filing- Claim Your ERC Recovery LLC! These expert CPAs will check your eligibility and maximize your claim while prioritizing IRS compliance so that you can rest assured the money is yours.

File Your ERTC Claim the Right Way

Do you think you're eligible for the ERTC, but it all just seems so complicated that you just don't know where to begin? Then, Claim Your ERC Recovery is here for you. These guys specialize in the ERTC (Employee Retention Tax Credit) and will help you navigate all the complex regulations and deadlines.

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As a highly complex tax credit of unprecedented amounts, the ERTC has sparked controversy and drawn criminal activity, causing an IRS crackdown on the initiative. Understanding the stricter processing and importance of compliance, Claim Your ERC Recovery offers a second opinion on your eligibility and professional filing assistance.

Expertise in Complicated Tax Area

The team of licensed American CPAs at Claim Your ERC Recovery only focuses on the ERTC, providing expertise in an area many accountants and payroll providers don't have much knowledge about.

"We help business owners navigate the complex filing process to receive the largest eligible rebate amount for you from the Employee Retention Tax Credit Program, so you can build, grow, and scale," a spokesperson for the company said.

ERTC Controversy Timeline

The ERTC has caused several headlines in the past year. In July 2023, the IRS released a statement warning business owners about fraudulent tax services and aggressive ERTC marketing that could get them into trouble, followed by a moratorium issued in September as a result of the many improper claims. A few months later, in January 2024, a bill, which is still under investigation, was proposed regarding shortening the deadline for retroactive applications, and as of June 2024, the IRS still has over 1 million unprocessed ERTC claims.

ERTC Deadlines

The deadline for 2020 tax periods passed on the 15th of April this year, but you can still apply for 2021 tax periods until the 15th of April 2025, with the potential of receiving $21,000 per W-2 employee.

Thorough Review of Your Claim

To begin the process, you just fill out a 15-minute online form on the Claim Your ERC Recovery website. Three teams of accountants will review that qualification standards are met and how much you can apply for to ensure that the claim is optimized and compliant.

Claim Your ERC Recovery helps you understand the ERTC and regulations, offering personal support. The accountants are experienced in the tax credit and can answer common questions regarding eligibility, if an applicant has a PPP loan, or if revenue went up in 2021.

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