Secure Multifamily Property Investments: Maximize Returns With Marc Kulick

May 30, 2024

Take control of today’s multifamily investment challenges with Marc Kulick and Vesta Capital’s insider strategies – and maximize your returns despite rising costs, economic pressures, and market volatility!

Investing in multifamily properties can be a great way to build wealth and generate passive income – but there are some unique challenges that you need to be prepared for. That's why the team at Vesta Capital has put together an in-depth guide packed with expert strategies and insights!

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The 3 Goliaths facing multifamily real estate

The guide explains that higher interest rates have made much of the short-term floating rate debt taken between 2021 and 2022 'underwater' - which can be highly stressful for you as an investor. Despite this, occupancy and rent growth remain strong, providing a foundation for growth.

Vesta Capital offers several tips for mitigating the impact of rising interest rates. The expert emphasizes the importance of never missing mortgage payments and exercising patience as the industry stabilizes, noting that by adopting a proactive approach, you can position yourself for long-term success.

Manage rising insurance costs

The guide also acknowledges the increase in insurance costs that multifamily property owners have endured. To combat this, the team explores alternative solutions such as self-insurance or master insurance policies and suggests that you can offset these costs by reducing expenses in other areas or implementing strategic rent increases.

Addressing the trend of wage growth failing to keep pace with inflation, Vesta Capital underscores the importance of reevaluating traditional rent affordability metrics - proposing targeting more conservative returns, building stable environments for residents, and controlling internal expenses to reduce reliance on rent increases.

Despite the above-mentioned challenges, Vesta Capital has remained steadfast in its commitment to acquiring, selling, and refinancing multifamily properties; the firm has prioritized internal property management excellence - ensuring competitive wage increases for employees, and prioritizing resident well-being.

How Vesta Capital can help you

Vesta Capital's services cover multifamily property acquisition, renovation, and management. The team has a portfolio spanning over 9,600 units, leveraging its expertise across various asset classes, and delivering value-driven solutions.

Marc Kulick, the CEO, states: "It often seems like once one issue subsides another one rises almost immediately. So, that begs the question how do you push forward? The answer of course is - as Michael said in The Office - David will always beat Goliath."

Looking for expert tips on achieving success in the multifamily real estate market? This guide covers three of the main challenges!

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