Secure Conservative & Anti-Censorship Search Engine With Privacy-Focused Browser

Jul 4, 2024

With TUSK, you have full control over your search experience and can browse the web with confidence and security, knowing you won’t see any political censorship.

You're tired of the constant shadow bans on big tech platforms, and you just want a search engine that kicks liberal bias into the sea, right? If that sounds like you, give TUSK a try! It's available on mobile and desktop, and lets you enjoy browsing the web again – with zero censorship!

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Take back control of your search

The main feature allowing you to find information without censorship is its integrated pre-search filters: you can select Left, Center, and Right before searching, adding focus to the search. The team says that results will never be hidden based on political leaning, and you never have to worry about being monitored or banned.

Recent reports highlight the growing distrust among internet users regarding major tech companies and their handling of personal data. According to the Washington Post, 72% of internet users do not trust Facebook, while Forbes has linked high-profile data breaches to dwindling trust in Google. These concerns have fueled the demand for more privacy-focused online solutions, notes founder Jeff Bermant.

A great ChatGPT alternative

TUSK seeks to address this demand by offering an alternative to Google with several advanced features, such as the integrated AI assistant, Gippr AI    •a ChatGPT alternative that enhances the search experience with conversational capabilities.

The team prioritizes user privacy and security, and the browser forces HTTPS connections - ensuring encrypted communication and protecting against potential eavesdropping or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Browse with security & confidence

As part of the Chromium web browser project, TUSK benefits from the extensive ecosystem of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store - so you can customize your browsing experience with a wide range of tools and functionalities tailored to your specific needs.

TUSK Search is particularly significant in regions with strict censorship rules and regulations, the team explains.

A spokesperson states: “TUSK is a web browser app for your mobile device or computer that features an anti-censorship search engine, news feed, and chatbot called Gippr AI. It's built by an all-American company with the goal of promoting the idea that America is indeed the land of the free and brave.”

Do you want a search app you can rely on more than Google? Download TUSK today!

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