SecuRam Fingerprint Lock With Easy Bluetooth Smart Home Integration: Review

May 31, 2024

Time to upgrade your home security? Get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of biometric security with IoT Echo! Read the new review of SecuRam’s Fingerprint Lock!

Are you thinking of upgrading your home security? Intrigued by the possibilities of biometric devices but don't know where to start?

Check out IoT Echo's new review of the SecuRam Fingerprint Lock:

The article looks at the product's advanced security features and offers you guidance on its data privacy protocols. The SecuRam Fingerprint Lock is a prime example of biometric security technology's rapid development, offering you a new level of property protection and convenience.

Fast Scanning

An advanced biometric sensor offers accurate reading of your fingerprints in a matter of seconds. The SecuRam design incorporates milled metal with a sleek, smudge-resistant finish. The product has been built with durability in mind and can comfortably survive prolonged exposure to the elements.


Traditional locks have served humanity well for centuries but, the piece explains, these are not without flaws. Even digital versions with PINs and passwords can be compromised through hacking or unintentional sharing of sensitive data. 

The review highlights how fingerprints bypass these issues by being virtually impossible to replicate. Fingerprint locks offer you not only increased security but also make entry, exit, and locking simpler.

Once scanning is complete, your data is converted into a digital template.

Easy Installation

The lock ships with a user manual detailing how to mount the device on a door including a drilling template.

Programming the lock is also straightforward. A QR code links you to SecuRam's companion app which makes installation and setup as simple as possible. A voice guide explains each stage of the programming and installation process.

The device can store the fingerprints of up to 30 users, making it a good option if you want to allow extended family and friends to access your property.

Smart Home Integration

The review also highlights its compatibility with smart home systems via its Bluetooth capabilities. You can lock or unlock your doors remotely as well as check access logs and receive alerts on your smartphone. Voice control via apps like Alexa is also possible.

For those of you who have concerns regarding data privacy and the use of your biometric data, the review states, “Biometric data is stored locally on the device and is never transmitted unencrypted. This means that even if a hacker were to intercept communication between the lock and your phone, they wouldn’t be able to access your fingerprints.”

You can visit the IoT Echo website for loads more reviews and product guides. More info here:

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