Seattle Top Real Estate Agency Valuates & Sells Your Home: Get Personal Guidance

Jun 14, 2024

Time to sell your Seattle home? Make it a pleasant experience with real estate agency Chapman Homes (206-501-8484), a Windermere real estate broker led by Matthew Chapman! The team will handle all the tasks; you just focus on the move!

Sell Your Seattle Home With Expert Realtor

If you're planning to sell your Seattle home, you might feel a bit lost. Is this the right time to sell? What can you do to make the most profit? Just relax and let the experts at Chapman Homes take care of that!

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As you've probably noticed, the real estate market has started slowing down. But that's no reason to hold off a sale with the right help. The local Seattle realtor Matthew Chapman provides his expertise, helping you sell your home in 2024, aiming to maximize your investment. As part of the full-service real estate agent offerings, Chapman and his team make home valuations, giving you an accurate assessment so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

Get Help From Local Professional When Market is Slow

While it might not be the ideal time to sell a home, factors like job relocations, a growing family, or a change in income could make it a necessity to sell a home. Chapman shares important information and guidance with you and streamlines the selling process, making it easier to sell even in challenging times. 

"To ensure a successful sale and maximize your return, it is important to carefully consider various strategies and make informed decisions before listing your home," Chapman said. "I will provide expert guidance throughout this process and meticulously manage every aspect of the transaction from the initial open house to the final closing."

Seattle Real Estate Market Growth 

According to the Seattle Met, the Seattle real estate market is starting to warm up after a recent decline. From Queen Anne/Magnolia, which had an impressive 24.5% year-over-year growth, to Central Seattle, with a 2.54% growth, all neighborhoods but Southeast Seattle had at least some increase.

Full-Service Home Selling Experience

Chapman and the team at Chapman Homes handle the whole selling process from valuation and marketing to closing. The agency aims to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you, providing you with designer and stager services and even packing assistance if needed. Check out Matthew's real estate advice at:

A previous client shared their testimonial: "If you choose Matt, you get a realtor who works in close contact with you all the way. Super responsive, detailed, hard-working and knowledgeable of the industry to maximize your sales. Not only did I get a realtor, but a strong team behind him that ensures that nobody drops the ball, from start to finish, with the littlest effort on my part."

About Matthew Chapman

The Bellevue-based agency helps sellers and buyers alike with real estate guidance, whether it's a house, condo, or townhouse. Matthew Chapman has worked in the industry since 2001 and has a deep understanding of local Seattle markets, including Woodbridge, Wilburton, and Robinswood.

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