Seattle Luxury Spa Offers Anti-Aging Hydra Facials With Red & Blue Light Therapy

Dec 8, 2022

Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750) carries the most exclusive skin and body product lines from around the world. Located at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle, this acclaimed spa offers the best in luxury, hydra toning and anti-aging facial treatments.

Seattle Luxury Spa Offers Anti-Aging Hydra Facials With Red & Blue Light Therapy

If you're someone who appreciates quality and hasn't time for products or services that cut corners or seem to be content to deliver a sufficiently ok experience, then you'll want to book your next facial at Penelope and the Beauty Bar, Seattle's premier spa located at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, and featured in magazines such as Allure, WWD, Elle, Vogue, Seattle magazine, and more.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers a clinical-grade approach to skincare and a selection of European and Japanese brands designed to tone, lift, and firm your skin, taking years off your appearance.

A high-end, high-quality spa and medi spa, you can expect to find some of the industry's most innovative approaches to skin, hair, and body care, and some of the world's most advanced product lines.

The moment you walk in, you'll know you're home.

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar carries only the best in the world's skin and beauty products, and is proud to represent lines that include French Biologique Recherche, the German MBR brand, Japan's Forlle’d, and Switzerland's Bellefontaine.

You'll find a range of clinical-grade approaches that include micro-current treatments, red and blue light therapies with HYDRAFACIAL MD equipment, and deep cleansing to combat acne and signs of aging.

For smoother, more luminous skin for those on the go, the condensed Hydra Facial treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and uses Vortex Technology to pump antioxidants into your skin takes less than an hour.

Book a consultation now to discuss your goals with a beautician at Penelope and the Beauty Bar, and find out which treatments can resolve the skin issues you've been struggling with.

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If you're looking for toned and lifted skin, facial treatments using the luxury brand Biologique Recherche offers you a clinical and personalized approach to your skincare. They use pure, raw active ingredients with firming and toning benefits to refresh your face, neck and “decollete,” the area exposed when you wear a low-cut dress.

For an outstanding anti-aging treatment, choose the award-winning Seconde Peau Hyaluronic Acid Facial. This approach uses the Biologique Recherche brand in combination with an electrospun mask made of 80% pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid to regenerate, lift, and tone aging skin. A first in professional aesthetics, you'll see dramatic results after just three sessions.

The German MBR brand is the basis of a non-invasive Liquid Surgery Facial that combines state-of-the-art technology with medical-grade active ingredients. This is the treatment you want if reducing wrinkles, boosting collagen synthesis, and replenishing moisture are your goals. You'll leave with skin that looks and feels toned, refreshed, and youthful.

For that special man in your life, why not book an MBR men’s facial? This is a wonderful treatment that uses MBR's newly introduced Oleosome line specifically designed for thicker skin. The treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the face for a smoother, refreshed complexion. Imagine walking out of the spa together after your world class facials? Talk about a power couple! Stand back, Seattle, beauty coming through.

And speaking of cities like Seattle, if you live downtown, or you're often downtown for work, to dine and shop, or all of the above, your skin is being exposed to air that's full of pollutants. Facials using the Forlle’d brand of products out of Japan are designed to address this problem.

The Forlle'd line includes serums made of ginseng root extract and turmeric root extract. When used together with your mask, these natural root products trigger a short-term controlled skin hypercapnia that stimulates hyper-oxygenation for a visible improvement in your complexion. You'll feel the cleansing, reviving properties immediately, and will look like you've just come in from a countryside visit - fresh, rejuvenated, healthy and youthful looking.

For advanced anti-aging treatments, choose a Bellefontaine Switzerland facial. These treatments release muscle tension while detoxifying and energizing your face, neck, and decollete using the best in advanced anti-aging solutions. They bring back your facial contours, smooth and tone, and refresh.

Imagine if you could revisit your early 20s, but as the wise, poised and accomplished individual you've become? Throw on your best outfit and book dinner at the best restaurant in town because the phenomenon that is you now deserves to be celebrated.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers close to 30 different hydrating, toning, and anti-aging facials. You'll find collagen rejuvenating treatments, brightening peels with LED, micro puncture lab treatments, and even a golden caviar facial that uses the precious oil extracts of two types of caviar to treat and prevent visible signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you work hard, and have an especially demanding schedule, this is the treatment for you.

You'll also find hair services, nail aesthetics, French detox body wrap treatments, massage, cupping, derma-planing, micro-needling, and a jade-lined infrared pod that will change. your. life.

With a full range of Europe's and Japan's best brands and accompanying facials, Penelope and the Beauty Bar gives you just the right anti-aging, toning, hydrating, and refreshing treatment you need to make your day at the spa the opulent, recalibrating experience you deserve.

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