Search Engine Ranking Company In St Louis MO Launches Free Website Video Audit

Dec 3, 2019

If you have a brand new website or online business that you are trying to make a success, Moss Technologies is offering a free video audit that could tell you how to achieve that.

Moss Technologies, an SEO expert in St Louis, MO, announces the launch of its newly designed website on search engine optimization for online businesses and websites. To mark this occasion, they are offering a free video audit of prospect’s website and online presence to all new clients.

For more information visit their website at

This audit will provide details of the pros and cons of the website being evaluated as well as an overview of their brand identity. It will also tell the site owner how the website ranks against the competition on Google and other search engines. This video audit is being offered entirely free of cost for a limited time. It’s normally a $249 cost due to the intense level of detail and analysis provided.

Moss Technologies is led by Jason Moss, who has several years of experience ranking client’s websites and getting them a positive ROI. When interviewed about the free SEO video audit Moss said, “The video audit is an elegant over-the-shoulder experience showing them our screen as we go through their website and their competition in detail. We try to make everything very understandable and concise. In the video, they can also see us in the bottom corner as we go through everything. This allows the customer to virtually meet us and see that we are real. Transparency is key.”

Moss Technologies does not just stop at getting the customer’s website ranked high on a search engine result. Their aim is to get the business multiple listings on the first page in order for the client to dominate their competition.

All their work is done in-house and nothing is ever outsourced. As part of their company policy, they also steer clear of cutting corners and any “black hat” tactics. Their pricing is clearly mentioned on the website and structured so that the client is able to see a positive ROI at the end of every month. They keep clients updated every step of the way and provide monthly reports on the progress that is being made. It’s because of these efforts that they also gain so many great reviews that can be seen here –

In addition to SEO, Moss Technologies offer a range of other solutions. Some of these include lead generation, branding optimization, and omni retargeting.

For more information visit their website given above, Facebook page, or call them at +1-636-306-3350.

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