Scottsdale Pellet Therapy: Get Bioidentical Hormones For Depression & Anxiety

Apr 17, 2024

If hormone imbalances are the root of your problems, come to Get Well Scottsdale (480-607-6503) and ask about the latest bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Have you ever had the feeling that something is wrong with you only for a doctor to tell you you're in completely good health? Well, maybe you have a hormone imbalance, and if you do, Get Well Scottsdale has the answer! 

Their bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, helps address hormone imbalances in your body by providing it with a continuous supply of additional hormones. These hormones—which are both natural and bioidentical—are delivered directly into your bloodstream.

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According to Get Well Scottsdale, BHRT is one of the most effective treatments for optimizing hormone levels. “There is a huge difference between feeling normal and feeling optimal, and hormone imbalances play a big role,” explained a spokesperson for the clinic. “By undergoing BHRT, you can get the extra hormones you need to feel better and live a more fulfilling life.”

The Process

BHRT starts with a simple blood test to determine what kinds of pellets and how many of them are required to correct the imbalance in your body. Once determined, the pellets are then incrementally delivered into your body every day for a period of up to five months. Because the treatment is done over a long period, your body is given time to fully integrate the incoming hormones.

Though BHRT can be used on both men and women, you’ll usually receive hormones that correspond with your biological makeup. For example, if you're a man, you'll most likely receive bioidentical testosterone; if you're a woman, you'll probably get bioidentical testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone.

Symptoms It Addresses

While there are many symptoms that BHRT can be used to address, some of the most common include depression, anxiety, fatigue, weakness, and pain. BHRT has also been proven useful in improving sleep, sex drive, memory, and concentration.

Though there are plenty of versions of hormone replacement therapy on the market, experts say that BHRT offers quicker and more reliable results than any pills, patches, creams, and shots are capable of providing.

The Last Word

“For years doctors had diagnosed me as depressed because of trauma in my past, but Get Well Scottsdale thought it might be a hormonal imbalance that was causing my problems,” said a satisfied patient. “Sure enough, after a few months of BHRT, I started to feel more lively, rested, and optimistic. I used to think things wouldn’t get better, but now I’m in a much brighter and happier place.”

If you are interested in undergoing BHRT you can take a suitability quiz by visiting the Get Well Scottsdale website. If suitable, you can schedule a consultation by calling the number in the description or by filling out the contact form also on their website.

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