Scottsdale Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets Reduce Mid-Life Bone Loss & Brain Fog!

May 31, 2024

If you find yourself going through uncomfortable mid-life physical and psychological changes, the health professionals at Get Well Scottsdale (+1 480 607 6503) offer support with their bio-identical pellet hormone replacement therapies.

Hot flashes, insomnia, low libido - if these not-so-fun symptoms sound familiar, you may benefit from the hormone replacement therapies from Get Well Scottsdale!

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The clinic's bio-identical pellet hormone therapies can treat a range of symptoms associated with menopause or andropause, including fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depression, and muscle weakness.

With a recognition of how distressing and uncomfortable mid-life changes can be for both men and women, the team at Get Well Scottsdale is committed to helping you or someone close to you improve overall well-being.

Reduce Symptoms

A recent report from Rush University Medical Center shows that hormonal imbalances during a person’s 40s and 50s are common, affecting both men and women across a number of physical and psychological domains. With Get Well Scottsdale’s bio-identical pellet treatments, many of your challenging symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.

“There is a huge difference between feeling ‘normal’ and feeling optimal,” explains a spokesperson. “Unbalanced hormones play a huge role in moderating your level of energy, how you feel, your mood, and more. Optimizing hormonal balance is a life-changing experience for many of our clients.”

Improve Efficacy

The hormone replacement treatments can help with pain or swelling in joints, night sweats, insomnia, decreased libido, pain during intercourse, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and vaginal dryness in women.

Throughout your treatment protocol, specially designed pellets deliver bio-identical hormones directly into your bloodstream throughout the day for up to five months, with a continuity and bio-availability that other methods - like pills, creams, shots, or patches - are unable to match.

Get Customized Care

Because bio-identical hormones are recognized and integrated more easily into your body, you are likely to experience quick relief from discomfort. All dosages are customized and based on your individual physiology and needs. Treatments may be offered in conjunction with other modalities at Get Well Scottsdale, such as thyroid therapy or nutrition consultations.

Previous patients have positive reviews for the Get Well Scottsdale team. “Dr. Nicole is absolutely amazing,” says Shadrach M. “Everything she has done for me has been life changing. I like her broad base of knowledge and I can’t express enough how effective she is. Very professional and very fair prices. Highly recommended!”

You don't need to keep suffering from hormonal imbalances - reach out to Get Well Scottsdale today!

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