Scottsdale, AZ Creative Scene & Old Town Thrives Again With Art Walk

Dec 20, 2021

Art enthusiasts across the US and beyond are now welcome back to one of America’s most important art hubs: Scottsdale, Arizona. Creative Gateways (480-359-3000), the city’s newest and most dynamic gallery, is thrilled to be leading the reopening.

If you’re an art lover who has been dreaming of your next holiday, look no further than Scottsdale, Arizona and get wonderfully lost in amazing galleries like Creative Gateways!

The return of the region to business as usual arrives with the reduction of social, work and travel restrictions and represents an exciting opportunity for art collectors and connoisseurs, like yourself, ahead of the holiday season.

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After a second difficult year under the Covid-19 pandemic, the gallery is pleased to finally welcome back intercity, interstate, and international customers, and to see life returning to the city’s famed Old Town.

As Scottsdale returns to a state of normality, Creative Gateways is eager to assure you that they are maintaining the highest and strictest safety measures, so that you can explore their captivating range of works with total peace of mind.

Despite the challenges that the gallery and the renowned Scottsdale art hub have endured this year, Creative Gateways has also secured a place in the city’s iconic and recently reactivated Thursday evening Art Walk.

Their inclusion in this decades-old tradition is a testament to the high calibre of the gallery’s expansive collection of contemporary artworks, their commitment to the local industry and to you, the customer.

With the reopening of the Old Town also comes the resurgence of popular festivals such as the Canal Convergence, a ten-day global showcase you’re sure to love. The event is slated to take place early next year with support from Creative Gateways.

Creative Gateways has been proudly curated by owner-operator Brett Labit. After acquiring Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, one of Scottsdale’s oldest galleries, he sought to create an acutely modern space that celebrates the history of the city, whilst looking towards its dynamic artistic future.

If you would like to share in this special time in Scottsdale you can find bespoke new pieces of art, sculpture, jewelry, light, and décor at the gallery.

A spokesperson for the gallery said, “Despite the hardships of the last two years, the Scottsdale art scene has once again sprung to life as visitors from around the world return to the Old Town District for their art fix. Creative Gateways is thrilled to be at the forefront of this energy and liveliness.”

If you’re looking for an unforgettable piece of art to enrich your collection or simply want to share in this special time in Scottsdale, treat yourself with a trip to Creative Gateways this Christmas!

Visit today to learn more about the events you can be a part of throughout the Old Town.

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