School Energy Efficiency Solutions For Reduced Carbon Footprint & Cost Savings

Aug 29, 2023

Did you know that you can retrofit your college campus or school buildings with new HVAC, water, and lighting systems without paying any out-of-pocket costs? Let Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC handle maintenance and installation so that you can start saving now!

It’s estimated that 53% of America’s public schools need to invest in repairs and modernizations, yet upgrades are not getting done at the rate or scale needed to provide a safe and productive learning environment for the students.

Inefficient and outdated electricity systems in schools and colleges drain budgets and affect budgets for education - Meeting an urgent need, Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC will upgrade your building with zero investment or debt for the school so that you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint!

By partnering with Onsite Utility Services Capital on an energy optimization initiative, you can alleviate your budgetary and capital pressures.

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With its Energy savings-as-a-service model, the energy advisors can provide you with cost-effective, budget-conscious solutions that combat the steep expenditure of running HVAC, lighting, and water systems while reducing your carbon footprint. Onsite Utility Services Capital cites data published by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to highlight how electricity is likely the second highest operating expense for your school or university facility, with around 25% of this figure representing energy wasted.

“By implementing energy-efficiency initiatives, upgrades and operations, school districts can direct much-needed funds to student services and personnel”, said Mike Erickson, Senior VP of Finance for Onsite.

Onsite energy advisors develop efficiency initiatives and power optimization programs designed to reduce your overheads so that your funds can be conserved and redirected to provide high-quality educational services. Fritz Kreiss, CEO of Onsite added," Advanced energy technologies can save between 25% to 50% on heating and cooling costs, .and up to 75% on lighting."

For example, Onsite Utility Services Capital estimates that disparities in the voltage supplied by power companies and the capacity of the motors used by most buildings can unnecessarily increase your energy bills by up to 20%. This excess voltage can shorten the life of your electrical system, further costing you money when you have to replace wiring and motors sooner than you thought you would need to. The agency will replace outdated lighting fixtures and optimize HVAC units and other voltage-sensitive equipment to increase its useful life and ensure energy efficiency.

Moreover, Onsite Utility Services Capital can implement energy storage systems that support you in the case of grid outages or energy emergencies. Its energy storage solutions help you better manage your building's usage during peak times when electricity costs are higher to reduce the cost of electricity through its Load Management Energy Procurement program in deregulated states.

The ESaaS (energy savings as a service) model removes the CapEx and Debt barrier to making energy and facility upgrades to your facility. As such, you can pursue your environmental goals and improve your operational efficiency, which is a significant draw for many prospective students and environmentally-conscious faculty members.

Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC will help you avoid unnecessary energy expenditure with its ESaaS solutions. Find out how you can reduce energy and maintenance expense in your budget at your educational facility at

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