Scarborough, Toronto Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery Service Has AI Logistics App

May 22, 2024

If you’re a Canadian business that cares about the environment and excellent customer service, this last-mile delivery company is for you! Koorier, Canada’s leading sustainable final-mile delivery provider, offers all-in-one shipping services using its state-of-the-art technology and 100% electric vehicle fleet!

Traditional gasoline-powered delivery vehicles produce harmful emissions and CO2 and have huge fuel, maintenance, and overall operating costs. However, Koorier's environmentally friendly electric delivery fleet is the wave of the future.

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With Koorier's 100% electric vehicle fleet, cutting-edge logistics technology, and advanced data protection, you'll save money, shrink your carbon footprint, and improve your operations!

"We’re designing tomorrow’s delivery experience, powered by innovative logistics technologies today," says Koorier's team of committed Canadian experts.

Demand for Sustainable Deliveries

According to Capgemini figures, Koorier has responded with a whole new approach amidst rising demand for sustainable shipping practices, and 77% of consumers report a preference for sustainable delivery.

Koorier's all-electric fleet has resulted in 93.7% less emissions than comparable standard fleets and 3,890,600 kg of averted CO2, meaning your company and your customers can have guilt-free deliveries. Not only that, but the cost Koorier saves on fuel directly, translates to a reduced cost for you, making the service not only environmentally sustainable but economically sustainable as well!

Industry-Leading Koorier App

Koorier's sustainable final-mile delivery services include access to its industry-leading app which offers a range of tools to help your business maintain consistent communication, streamline your operations, and more.

A key feature of the Koorier app is its live tracking tool, which allows you to see the progress of all current deliveries on a visual, interactive map. The app contains an accurate geocoding depository for Canadian addresses to ensure precise deliveries and reduce missed deliveries.

AI-Powered Improvements

Through the Koorier app, you can access various AI-powered tools to improve your deliveries and help drivers stay on track continually.

One of these tools is the intelligent route optimizer which uses an integrated system to create the most efficient routes for greater ETA accuracy. The app also offers AI-powered enhanced photo and location delivery confirmation to ensure all packages reach their destinations safely.

Advanced Analytics & Data Protection

With Koorier's sustainable last-mile delivery services, you can also collect your business's analytics and use them to consistently improve your customer service and satisfaction.

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Koorier also complies with SOC II Security and Privacy trust criteria, meaning your business's data is protected at all times and used only to carry out deliveries and pickups.

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