Save The Turtles: Support The Cause With Sustainable Print-On-Demand Apparel

Mar 11, 2024

You can save the seas and the sea turtle with Ever Wonder Adventure! Shop their Save Earth apparel and homeware collection and help save sea turtles from plastic pollution.

If you love travel and you want to ensure that the planet you love exploring will stay a thriving and beautiful place, you can now help Every Wonder Adventure protect the majestic sea turtle.

Find out how you can do your part at

An Initiative For Plastic-Free Seas

The popular online travel hub has long offered travelers advice about ethical and environmentally responsible travel and written guides to some of the world’s most pristine natural destinations. Now, the travel writers behind the Ever Wonder Adventure platform are pleased to be taking a more active role in protecting the world they love to travel with their new plastic-free seas initiative. They just need your help.

Ever Wonder Adventure is promoting its conservation efforts as the problem of plastic in the world’s oceans continues to grow. As the latest figures from UNESCO revealed, plastic waste now makes up 80% of all marine pollution, with 8 to 10 million metric tons of plastic ending up in the ocean each year. 

Saving The Sea Turtle

While this is a major environmental disaster in its own right, as the latest research from the World Wildlife Fund showcased, plastic pollution is also now a leading cause of death for sea turtles with all remaining species of sea turtles now classified as being endangered, and three of the seven species being critically endangered. 

In response to this problem, Ever Wonder Adventure is pleased to be both working to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution for sea turtles and teaching you about how necessary turtles are to overall marine biodiversity. 

As a spokesperson for the travel hub explained, “Sea turtles act as keystone species, playing a pivotal role in preserving biodiversity within marine ecosystems. Their diet predominantly consists of sea grasses and jellyfish, regulating the populations of these species and preventing overgrowth. By maintaining balanced food chains, sea turtles contribute to the overall health and stability of the marine environment.” 

Ever Wonder Adventures is also spearheading plastic cleaning and sea turtle nesting conservation initiatives in some of the worldwide destinations that they write travel guides for. 

How You Can Help

In order to support these new education and preservation initiatives, they urge you to back their work by shopping their new Save Earth collection. 

This line of sustainable print-on-demand apparel and homeware is being used to drive funds towards Ever Wonder Adventure's turtle-saving work. You’ll love that each unique piece in the collection has been designed by one of their travel writers or a member of their extended travel community.

Their spokesperson added, “The preservation of sea turtles is essential for the well-being of our oceans and the intricate balance of marine ecology. As we witness the devastating effects of plastic waste on these remarkable creatures, it becomes crucial to take action. By adopting sustainable practices, reducing plastic pollution, and promoting conservation efforts, we can ensure the continued existence of sea turtles, safeguarding the health and resilience of marine ecosystems for generations to come.”

The time to act is now.

Visit if you’d like to protect our seas for the next generation of travelers.

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