Save Earth Apparel: Buy Hoodies & Windbreakers To Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

Feb 2, 2024

If you’re looking for new clothes or the perfect gift, try shopping at Ever Wonder Adventure. Every purchase made from their new Save Earth and Adventure Travel collections supports their worldwide conservation efforts.

If you love traveling the planet, now is your chance to help protect it with Ever Wonder Adventure. With their new sustainably made apparel and merchandise, you can support their global conservation work.

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Join the Ever Wonder Adventure Conservation Movement

Ever Wonder Adventure has made a name for themselves amongst intrepid travelers who are looking for insider travel guides, connections to small group adventure tours and for advice about how to travel in an environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible way.

Now, the travel platform is reaching out to travelers like you to help support their conservation and environmental protection work, by shopping in their new online store. 

Preserve Nature Through Bespoke Purchases

On their new online store, you can purchase from two new lines of apparel and merchandise, their Save Earth Collection and their Adventure Travel Collection. The proceeds from your sale will go directly to some of Ever Wonder Adventure's current initiatives, including their efforts to create plastic-free oceans and protect endangered sea turtles, to end shark finning, and to reduce global food waste. 

Ever Wonder Adventure believes that if you have wanderlust, you also have a desire to protect the world, its wildlife and its natural beauty. 

The Save Earth & Adventure Travel Collections

Highlights of their new Save Earth collection include their playful ‘Save Our Fin-Tastic Friends’ design which brings you a cute cartoon shark, which you can purchase on the travel hub’s new tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, and more, as well as on their mouse pads, mugs, stickers, and caps. 

Also popular, from their Adventure Travel Collection, is their ‘Costa Rica Pura Vida’ design, which brings you a tropical toucan and bright hibiscus flowers. 

Take Urgent Action for Environmental Conservation

The travel platform said in their own words, “Ever Wonder Adventure is not just a platform; it’s a movement driven by your passion. Together, we can ensure that these wonders remain unspoiled for all time, leaving a lasting mark on the story of nature’s grandeur.” 

They added, “The call to act for a greener tomorrow is urgent and clear. Your choices and purchases resonate as declarations of your commitment to conservation and the planet’s treasures.” 

As committed conservationists, the new items available in Ever Wonder Adventure’s online store are all sustainably printed on demand. This both offers you a greater choice of color and design and ensures that there is no waste or overproduction. 

By purchasing Ever Wonder Adventure's new products, you can contribute to preserving the environment and protecting it for future generations of travelers. 

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