Saskatoon Synthetic Turf Company Offers Premium Fake Grass Lawns & Landscapes

May 27, 2024

If you want your Saskatoon lawn to look great all year long, you should switch to a fake grass option from maintenance-free artificial turf provider Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296)!

Fertilizing, watering, mowing. Fertilizing, watering, mowing. Fertilizing, watering, mowing — it's a vicious cycle that can make even the sanest people crazy! How about keeping your sanity by switching to a fake grass lawn from Lazy Lawn? The company provides high-quality artificial turf applications capable of withstanding the constantly changing weather of Saskatoon. They install their turfs in both residential and commercial settings.

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A Streamlined Process!

Lazy Lawn has developed and refined its fake grass installation process with exceptional performance and drainage in mind. “From delivery of your turf to the final walkthrough, we aim to make the installation process as seamless as possible,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “We don’t want you to have to wait a long time to start enjoying your fake grass.”

During installation, Lazy Lawn excavates and disposes of the existing grass, lays down weed barriers and bedding materials, inserts and stitches together the turf, and applies the protective infill. Depending on the size of the area where the grass is going, the entire process can take less than a day.

High-Quality Options!

Lazy Lawn currently has four different types of fake grass for you to choose from. Its premier options are its Kentucky Blue Lite and Lemongrass varieties, both of which have unique blade shapes and dense, stocky compositions. Its Natural Fescue and Spring Fescue varieties are slightly cheaper but offer comparable durability and visual appeal.

All four turfs are made to look, feel, and function like natural grass. Their blades, thatchings, pile heights, and base weights make them able to withstand heavy rain, wind, and snow. They are also constructed from UV-resistant materials so you don't have to worry about them burning or melting under the extreme spring or summer heat.

Grasses For Every Setting!

The turfs can be used in a variety of settings, from residential lawns and landscapes to professional sports stadiums and arenas. Additionally, fake grass is seeing increased usage in retail stores, restaurants, rooftop gardens, and pet areas, providing a green aesthetic without the need for extensive upkeep.

"Choosing Lazy Lawn to install our fake grass was the best decision we made for our home," said a satisfied client. "Their expert team transformed our yard into a lush, vibrant oasis that requires minimal maintenance, even in Saskatchewan's harsh climate. The quality of their turf and professionalism of their service exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the result."

Don't Wait — Get Yours Now!

If you are interested in having Lazy Lawn install fake grass on your property you can get a no-obligation quote by calling the number in the description or by using the DIY estimate tool on the company’s website.

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