Saskatoon Electric Water Heater Repair: Fix Leaks & Temperature Irregularities

Mar 4, 2024

Make sure your home has a steady supply of hot water this winter by calling the water heater repair, installation, and maintenance experts at Pro Service Mechanical (306-230-2442) in Saskatoon.

Have you ever been taking a nice warm shower and then suddenly, out of nowhere, the water turns frigidly cold? Well, Pro Service Mechanical wants to prevent this from ever happening again. Their professional water heater services ensure you have uninterrupted access to hot water through the harsh winter months. Their technicians are available 24 hours a day and same-day repairs and installations are possible if required.

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Pro Service Mechanical: There When You Need Them!

This time of year, temperatures in Saskatchewan regularly plummet to as low as -30°C. These temperatures—combined with the adverse weather that often accompanies them—can wreak havoc on your water heater system. This makes having dependable water heater repair, installation, and maintenance services available at all times a must.

“Water heaters work harder during this cold season, but they also break down more often,” explained a spokesperson for Pro Service Mechanical. “If your water heater isn’t up to snuff, we have the certified and fully insured technicians you need to solve the problem.”

They Can Fix Anything!

As part of their services, the technicians at Pro Service Mechanical fix several common water heater problems, including leaks, temperature and pressure irregularities, discoloured water, and odours. They also replace water heaters that are at the end of their lives or damaged beyond repair, and they install heaters for new builds.

Their technicians are capable of working on gas and electric water heaters from all manufacturers. They also have experience with the latest innovative systems, such as hybrid water heaters and tankless water heaters, both of which are designed to heat water with far less energy waste than traditional water heaters.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

You should call Pro Service Mechanical the moment you notice any temperature irregularities in your water, discoloration or smells, strange noises, pipe corrosion, or changes to your utility bills. A knowledgeable professional will be dispatched immediately to perform an inspection and address the issue.

By getting your water heater issues dealt with promptly, you ensure that your access to hot water won't be interrupted. You also minimize the chances of further structural damage occurring and you improve the functionality and efficiency of your water heater, which could result in decreases in your utility bills.

“My water heater decided to give out on me, so I called the team at Pro Service Mechanical,” said a satisfied client. “They sent their technicians the next day, and they were able to replace my old heater in no time at all. It went so well, that I now use them for all my plumbing, HVAC, and electrical needs. I would highly recommend them.”

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