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Oct 19, 2023

Saratoga Springs, NY – KindNest, led by Sarah Denio, offers compassionate support and holistic healing for individuals and families coping with pregnancy loss. Services include grief transformation coaching and pregnancy loss energy healing …

Ballston Lake, NY - Pregnancy loss can be a profoundly emotional and isolating experience, leaving individuals and their loved ones struggling to find ways to cope with their grief and trauma. In response to this, KindNest has emerged as a beacon of hope and holistic support, offering a range of services to guide those on their journey toward healing. KindNest provides energy healing to those located in Ballston Lake, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Loudonville, Troy, and Albany NY.

KindNest has received media coverage about life transformation coaching and mentoring -

Pregnancy loss is a deeply personal experience, and at KindNest, the importance of providing compassionate, personalized care is recognized. The approach to healing after pregnancy loss is firmly rooted in energetic recovery support, providing individuals with the necessary tools and guidance to navigate their unique grief journey.

This video introduces Sarah and KindNest -

Through alternative grief therapy and holistic miscarriage healing, KindNest addresses the emotional and energetic dimensions of pregnancy loss. This trauma often leaves individuals feeling emotionally scarred, and these trauma recovery alternatives are designed to help them find their way back to emotional equilibrium.

Grief transformation coaching is at the heart of what KindNest does. Experienced coaches understand that grief is not a linear process and offer personalized support, helping individuals find their own path to recovery. Emotional healing after loss is a primary focus, providing individuals with the resources and strategies needed to cope with pregnancy loss.

Central to KindNest's approach is pregnancy loss energy healing, a holistic practice that seeks to restore balance and promote healing on a deep energetic level. By addressing the emotional and energetic aspects of loss, KindNest offers a comprehensive and compassionate support system to those who need it most.

Sarah Denio, the force behind KindNest, expressed, "The mission is to provide a nurturing space for individuals and families who have experienced pregnancy loss. Every grief journey is unique, and KindNest is here to offer alternative therapies and holistic approaches that promote healing and recovery."

Coping with pregnancy loss is a process that varies from person to person, and KindNest is dedicated to helping individuals find the support and resources they need to move forward. A safe and nurturing environment is provided where healing and transformation naturally unfold.

For more information about KindNest and its services, please visit the website at or contact Sarah Denio at (518) 406-3323 or [email protected]

About KindNest:

KindNest is a holistic wellness center located in Ballston Lake, New York, committed to providing alternative grief therapy transformation coaching and healing solutions for individuals and families who have experienced pregnancy loss. With a focus on energetic recovery support and emotional healing, KindNest offers a safe and compassionate environment for those on their journey toward healing and transformation.

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