SAPRA’s “Always on My Mind” Explores The Power of Love and Memory

Dec 2, 2020

SAPRA’s “Always on My Mind” is a single that examines the power of love, loss, and perseverance. This blend of Bollywood mixed with catchy English-infusions tells of the persistence of memory and love.

SAPRA's latest single, "Always on My Mind", is making some serious sonic waves. Released on November 21, 2020, the song embodies romantic and elevating elements through its unique blend of Bollywood and English musical stylings. "Always on My Mind" boasts a beautiful blend of these unique influences, producing a wonderfully diverse and distinctive dance track that explores the idea, memory and enduring power of love.

"Always on My Mind” is SAPRA’s recent love fever-driven and romantic Bollywood single with and English driven-hook dance track, producing this one of a kind sound. The blend of Bollywood heart pulsing musical feels blended with an upbeat English hook tells an odyssey of romance, abandonment, and, ultimately, learning that self-love is the key to help blossom any kind of meaningful relationship. The depth and lyricism of the track explores the idea of that person who becomes unforgettable and is "Always on" the mind.

“Always on My Mind” is a beautiful examination on the power of memory, romance, and love. The song reveals the importance of valuing and honoring love in all its forms. SAPRA’s track goes on a journey to force the understanding of the question: can people still go on when that love is gone? The track carries a rhythm and a pulse that keeps the listener locked in from beginning to end. To me, that was one of my favorite parts of the single.

Memory also becomes a central idea throughout the song. SAPRA's single explores the feeling of what does a person do when faced with their lover being gone? The thought of that person, even their absence, may never escape from the mind. Yet, the key is to honor every moment, lived and experienced throughout the course of any relationship. People may leave, but the strength of the love can always endure despite the circumstances of the outside world.

Sometimes people find themselves getting lost into the oblivion when love leaves. In SAPRA’s own personal life, he was faced with the feelings of confusion when faced with the loss of this love. But, over time, the understanding that the love for another and the love for oneself can help anyone overcome anything in life. These insights allowed SAPRA to develop "Always on My Mind" from a personal and creative standpoint.

I loved how the song reveals sumptuous beats, combined with an alluring violin, a strong rhythmic pulse, and a fun and catchy hook. The single is delightfully constructed using beautiful Hindi vocals and harmonies, combined with classical South Asian vocal stylings of the talented Parinita Sharma. SAPRA’s entrancing vocals and creative lyricism allow the listener to be subdued into a world that understands the range and full spectrum of human emotions when it comes to love.

"Always on My Mind" was produced by Sharad & Sapra, Trippy Palm Tree and Ara Murzo and lyrics were written by Sharad Tripathi, Bul Bul Sapra and SAPRA. Gurpreet Singh and Gagandeep Singh were a significant part of SAPRA’s musical studies through their guidance. The single was released through Straight Out of India and SAPRA is currently managed by Salma Habib.

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