Santa Cruz Mental Health Clinic Affordable Counseling For Kids, Adults & Seniors

Apr 9, 2024

If you or a family member is struggling with mental health issues, supportive counseling can be truly life-saving. In Santa Cruz, Family Service Agency of the Central Coast (FSA) (831-423-9444) offers affordable one-on-one counseling for kids, adults, and seniors from its expert licensed team!

We all face challenges in life, some of which can take a toll on our mental health. No matter your age, talking with a licensed professional can provide the support you need to overcome.

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FSA Has Your Back

With its specialized counseling services, FSA strives to give residents of Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas the opportunity to get support for a range of difficult situations.

FSA's team of certified professionals works with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, relationship or family conflicts, or troublesome life changes. If you or your child, parent, or another family member are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, problems or confusion around sexuality, or feelings of loneliness and isolation, FSA is here to help.

All Incomes Are Welcome

As explained by the CDC, low-income communities experience a heightened rate of anxiety, depression, and psychological issues due to the stress of living with food and income insecurity.

Unfortunately, mental health treatment is not always covered by health insurance, making it out of reach for the very people who need it most.

Luckily, FSA's supportive counseling services are available through Medicare Part B and Medi-Cal, making it more accessible to low-income families and seniors, because income shouldn't keep you from getting the care you need!

Compassionate Counseling For Kids & Seniors

Seniors often experience psychological distress and depression due to isolation, loss of spouses or loved ones, loneliness, and anxieties around death and degenerative illnesses. Elderly individuals also struggle with the many transitions of older age like moving into assisted living or navigating newly altered abilities.

FSA's team works with seniors to provide compassionate support through periods of mourning, grief, depression, or anxiety due to big life changes.

Children and young adults can also receive counseling at FSA. This type of therapy can be particularly helpful if parents are going through a divorce, there has been a death in the family, or children are struggling with a move or other difficult situation.

FSA's certified therapists can work with your child to teach them healthy coping strategies and help them improve their behavior, mood, and mental state, and support you through this process.

About FSA

Since 1957, FSA of the Central Coast has been serving residents of San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties. The organization prides itself on fostering an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes people of all cultures, genders, sexual orientations, faiths, socio-economic backgrounds, abilities, and ages.

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