Santa Ana Google Search Box Optimization Helps Dental Clinics Attract Patients

Feb 1, 2024

If you’re searching for ways to boost your Santa Ana-based dental clinic’s client pool, you should have a look at My Tooth Media’s search box autocomplete optimization services. They can boost your clinic’s online visibility in half the time it takes SEO and PPC methods.

In areas around major cities with high population densities, like Santa Ana, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. There are lots of factors to juggle. You may need to balance your office rental costs with your available marketing budget or consider ways to resonate with Santa Ana’s diverse demographic makeup. The LA-area culture also tends to be focused on health and wellness, so you may need to incorporate that into your digital marketing efforts as well.

If that sounds like a lot, My Tooth Media (MTM) can help you out with a major part of the game – search box optimization (SBO). You can learn about their services here:

Get More Eyes on Your Clinic's Brand

With the agency’s SBO services, you can get your practice's brand recommended to prospects in high-traffic search engines before they see your competitors. No matter what your dental specialization is - orthodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, periodontics, or another - such prominent placements will raise awareness of your brand among online searchers, helping you acquire more website traffic and ultimately converting more of your leads into patients.

MTM’s SBO services offer your Santa Ana clinic the advantages of this increasingly popular marketing strategy. This gives you an edge over competitors who may still be using older, less cost-effective digital marketing methods.

What Is Search Box Autocomplete?

The agency points out that according to Google’s report, about 71% of searchers on their platform click through on autocomplete suggestions. This search box feature helps online searchers save time on typing by completing their queries for them, provides quick navigation to popular or trending topics, and guides searchers to relevant results with predictive assistance, among other benefits.

Save on Your Marketing Budget

Thanks to the increasing popularity of this search feature, your clinic can use MTM's SBO services to draw online prospects to your brand in less time and with less expense than you would with search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) methods. These can take up to six to eight months to win you a single spot on the first page of search results and can cost you thousands of dollars per month. SBO, on the other hand, can become fully operational within two to three months and can garner you all top ten organic spots on the first page of results.

Choose the Best Keywords & Keep 'Em

When you work with MTM, you can choose your own keywords, and once you do, you'll have exclusive rights to them, since MTM won't sell them to any other client. If you're not sure which keywords would work best for you, the agency can give you advice to help you choose the most promising ones, based on their keyword research.

When they do their research, they'll take into consideration all the necessary variables and then some, including:

  • monthly search volume,
  • keyword competitiveness,
  • PPC bid costs,
  • searches related to buyers versus researchers, and
  • urgent need phrases

With such thoroughness, your brand's visibility will skyrocket in no time!

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California, MTM is a digital marketing agency offering top-quality marketing products that ensure fast and effective results for every client. The agency has assisted several dozen brands, including household-name brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Expedia.

One happy client said: “We saw the results. When our customers search for adoption services in Canada, our name shows in the autosuggest, and customers are using this to find us. The autocomplete-optimization program works great!”

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