Sandy Springs Moving Schedule: Pre & Post-Move Organization & Packing Tips

May 24, 2024

Excited about your upcoming move to Sandy Springs? Keep track of all the important steps with this helpful moving checklist from

Whether you’re excited or overwhelmed about your upcoming out-of-state move, there is no doubt that you have a lot of things to sort out. Worried you'll forget something? is here to help with its easy-to-follow moving checklist, starting two months in advance.  

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Preparation is Key!

Moving to a new state is a challenging task that requires efficient planning and preparation. With this in mind, the comprehensive guide from provides a checklist of tasks to be completed pre and post-move to ensure a seamless transition.

8 Weeks to Go has scheduled its moving checklist, starting from eight weeks in advance. This is when you should start researching moving companies that align with your budget and relocation needs, says the guide. “Moving companies will know the intricacies of an interstate move, such as the weight regulations of highways and federal regulations of moving from one state to another."

Moving with kids? The guide also recommends using this time to research schools in your new state. When making your selection, remember to assess the culture and values of a school, as well as standardized test results as these can often be misleading.

When should I start packing? recommends making a packing plan at the eight-week mark, which is when you should be starting the decluttering process! Purging unwanted belongings and packing up seasonal items can all help to make the moving process simpler later on. During this time, you should also start collating official documents and ordering packing supplies, so that everything is ready when you need it.

4 Weeks to Go

From the four-week mark, the guide recommends completing any address changes and transfers of utility services, such as internet, cable, gas, and electricity. Don't forget to schedule a date for the installation and activation of services at your new address, preferably the day after moving in, unless you feel it's time for a digital detox of course!

2 Weeks to Go

The guide moves on to provide packing advice, such as labeling boxes by room, creating a photographic inventory, and measuring larger furniture items to assess movability. suggests carrying out the packing process two weeks in advance, leaving the most essential items until last.

Within the guide, you will also find tips for settling in post-move, including how to establish legal residency in your new state. stresses the importance of updating your driver’s license and vehicle registration as soon as possible - something that is often forgotten in the process of moving.

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