San Dimas Sports Physical Therapy Clinic Launches San Gabriel Valley Biomechanics Lab

Nov 30, 2016

The Covina Hills Sports Medicine center has launched a new biomechanics lab to support the work of its sports medicine treatment services. The lab uses multiple technologies including surface electromyography, 3D motion capture, gait analysis, running analysis, and cycling analysis to help athletes in San Dimas and in the greater San Gabriel Valley region experience a complete return to fitness and health.

Covina Hills Sports Medicine announced the expansion of its facility to include a new biomechanics lab. The lab provides several testing services that aid in the assessment of pain and limitations. These testing services include a computerized strength assessment, 3D motion capture, surface electromyography and video analyses.

More information about Covina Hills Sports Medicine and the biomechanics lab is available at

Movement analysis is the rapidly growing application of the discipline of physical therapy. Biomechanical movement assessment is an important part of the accurate diagnosis of the mechanical nature of pain and limitations. This enables doctors of physical therapy to identify effective treatment strategies that are tailored to the needs of the patient.

As part of the services as a sports clinic, Covina Hills Sports Medicine uses assessment technologies to evaluate functional movement. Their equipment is able to analyze muscle activation patterns that identify improper movement patterns contributing to pain. The clinic provides thorough analysis of gait, running, and cycling. These analyses use advanced technology to measure joint angles, linear and angular velocity, and muscle activation. The biomechanics lab also offers a return to sport assessment and injury risk assessment for athletes. The athlete is scored based on their performance during high level movements. Control, coordination and strength are assessed.

According to board certified owner Dr. Mark Baker, DPT, PT, OCS and spokesperson for Covina Hills Sports Medicine, "Our fully equipped biomechanics lab is designed to enhance an athlete's treatment experience by giving our doctors a deeper understanding of the root causes of various mechanical injuries and disabilities. The lab will help us identify more effective patient-specific and injury-specific treatments."

Covina Hills Sports Medicine is a California-headquartered physical therapy center that provides personalized physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation and recovery services, performing arts training and injury care, as well as sports medicine evaluations. Located in San Dimas, the center is committed to meeting the sports medicine needs of the San Gabriel Valley.

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