San Antonio Personal Injury Attorneys: Rideshare Uber Car Crash Case Legal Help

Jul 20, 2023

Hurt in a rideshare accident near San Antonio? The long road to recovery doesn’t have to be taken alone. Make your injury claim with Reyna Law Firm – call +1-210-360-9979 now.

When accidents happen leading to harm, it’s easy to wish things had gone differently. You can’t change what has occurred, but you can control your response. If you choose to pursue compensation, Reyna Law Firm can help in San Antonio.

As more and more people depend on ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft to get to work or otherwise travel around San Antonio, so too does the risk of traffic collisions rise. That’s why Reyna Law Firm is here. This team can assist you if you’ve sustained major injuries as a result of car crashes in the area - whether as a driver or a passenger.

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The firm offers consultations, guidance through the preliminary stages of cases, negotiations with third parties, and even court representation. Lead attorney JR Reyna says that his team is equipped to help you get the benefits you may be entitled to.

By exposing carelessness or dangerous driving on the part of those involved in crashes, Reyna Law Firm seeks to demonstrate exactly where responsibility lies for accidents. Since Texas is an at-fault state, such a move is necessary in establishing that you deserve compensation due to your injuries being primarily caused by other motorists.

As explained by a firm representative: “Our priority is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we do our best to force the negligent party and insurance companies to compensate you for your injuries, emotional stress, lost wages, medical bills, and the disruption to your life that you’ve experienced.”

Pointing to its prior experience with car accident injury cases, Reyna Law Firm cites the ability of its attorneys to approach rideshare-related crashes with a similar legal overview. Staff can assess accidents through a critical lens, logging your physical harm, mental anguish, and vehicle damage as factors that come into consideration during compensation negotiations.

Reyna Law Firm also emphasizes the importance of medical care to the personal injury claim process. Its team strives to see that you receive attention from reputable local-area medical institutes while collaborating with personnel in the collection of accurate and up-to-date records.

One recent client, contributing to the firm’s unanimous five-star Google rating, commented: “Great help with car accident injuries, medical care, and settlement that will help us get back on track.” Another added: “Very little effort on my part resulted in a satisfactory settlement.”

Book a consultation with the award-winning Texas and New Mexico firm via its official website or call the team over the phone.

The fight for compensation is easier with an experienced lawyer on your team. Trust Reyna Law Firm for help.

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