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Jun 13, 2023

Hurt in a San Antonio rideshare accident? If you were a passenger and your driver or another motorist was at fault for the crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Find out more by calling Reyna Law Firm at +1-210-360-9979 now.

If you’re in San Antonio, you have access to an American Academy of Attorneys’ 500 Million Dollar Club member for your injury claim needs. That means if you’ve been injured in a car accident, this firm is the one to turn to when pursuing compensation.

Reyna Law Firm is ready to inform you of the legal options you have at your disposal. Everything depends on the circumstances of your crash, your insurance coverage, and more… but a simple meeting with these lawyers can clear it all up.

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With its services, applicable to car, truck, or van accidents across Texas, Reyna Law Firm manages each subsequent step of the injury claim process on your behalf. JR Reyna and his team move to stay on top of the latest legal and regulatory developments - putting them in the best possible position to advise you going forward.

The firm cites some alarming statistics relating to Texas road crashes, claiming that vehicular accidents occur somewhere in the state every minute. Whether these involve single-car collisions or multi-car pileups on busy intersections, drivers and passengers frequently require medical attention. If that’s you, you could also be owed substantial reimbursement.

As explained by the firm: “You may be able to recover compensation for disfigurement, medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, punitive damages, or pain and suffering. If the other driver failed to exercise reasonable care, then a breach of duty occurred that could leave him or her accountable for the injuries you sustained in an accident.”

Other parties may be considered at fault for traffic collisions, including rideshare-related accidents, for driving too slowly, recklessly, or in an impaired state. Evidence is crucial in a court of law for determining the facts involved in such incidents, which is where Reyna Law Firm offers you its assistance. Its attorneys work to establish exactly what occurred and where the blame lies.

In addition, Reyna Law Firm points to a wide range of services that its injury lawyers can carry out while representing you. Their involvement, says the firm, can serve to alert insurance companies and at-fault drivers that fair compensation is being targeted - and that meager settlement agreements simply won’t be tolerated.

You can find out whether compensation can be pursued in your case by arranging a free consultation at Reyna Law Firm’s San Antonio office. You can do this either online or by calling the team over the phone.

One recent client commented: “One of the most impressive things about Reyna Law Firm is their track record of success. They have helped numerous clients receive substantial compensation for their injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.” Another added: “Extremely friendly, bilingual, and quick to respond to any and all questions.”

Compassionate lawyers are nearby - you're not alone after your accident.

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