Same-Day LLC Formation In California: Register Your Business With Expert Help

Dec 13, 2023

Owning a business is great; registering a business is not so great. But, you can let BusinessRocket (888-700-8213) handle the not-so-great part.

You've made up your mind: you're starting a business. Heck, so many people seem to be starting a business, so why not you? After all, you have a great idea, and even a cool name for your new LLC.

Only, you don't yet have an LLC.

And honestly, just thinking about all the paperwork it's gonna take to register an LLC makes you wanna throw in the towel. Don't worry - that's perfectly normal. Everyone hates paperwork. Well, everyone except for the people who made it their bread and butter, their passion, and their specialty. People like BusinessRocket.

They'll do all the boring paperwork stuff for you, and they'll do it faster than you ever could. How? In just 4 easy steps, actually:

  1. You complete a quick form telling them about your business.
  2. They prepare your LLC documents.
  3. They file your LLC formation documents with the government.
  4. You get digital LLC formation documents.

You notice something? The stuff you need to do will take about 5 minutes; all the time-consuming and government-related stuff is handled by BusinessRocket.

I'll give you a peek behind the curtain. Here are all the things BusinessRocket will do to have your LLC registered in the fastest time possible:

Appoint a Registered Agent:

Under California law, to register an LLC you are required to appoint a Registered Agent - a California resident available to receive official legal documents and notices on behalf of your company. Now, you could do this yourself - but it's a lot of work and will likely come with a steep learning curve.

If you don't have experience with this stuff (and would like to expedite the process), I always recommend going with an expert. BusinessRocket can provide you with a Registered Agent who will not only assist with the formation process but also ensure ongoing compliance with state regulations.

Prepare and File Articles of Organization:

The next step is filing Articles of Organization with the California Secretary of State. Once this is approved, your business will get its legal entity status.

Again, while you can do this on your own, you don't have to. Mistakes can complicate and delay the process - and no one likes filing the same document twice because they missed one number. Which is why BusinessRocket provides assistance with this too, and can ensure same-day processing.

Create an Operating Agreement:

Unlike Articles of Organization, the Operating Agreement doesn't have to be submitted to the California Secretary of State, but it's still mandatory. It basically outlines how your business plans to operate - from management roles and profit sharing to dispute resolution.

It's important to have this document drafted by a professional, as any mistakes could lead to both operational and legal issues - and that almost always spells trouble, like loss-of-money kind of trouble.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN):

Now that you've got your name, your Registered Agent, your Articles of Organization, and your Operating Agreement in place, it's time you started paying taxes. The joys of business ownership.

But, before you can do that, you need to get your Employer Identification Number (EIN) so you can register with the IRS. This can be a slow process, but with BusinessRocket, you can fast-track this too.

File a Statement of Information:

We're almost there, I promise. The California Secretary of State just needs one more document from you. (I know, I know, one more!?) This one's called a Statement of Information and it includes stuff like ownership and purpose of your company. And here's the catch: they need this within 90 days of formation, and then every two years.

If you'd rather let someone else keep track of that, and make sure you're in compliance with all other state regulations, BusinessRocket will do that for you too.

Open a Bank Account:

You may be wondering if it's okay to use your own personal bank account for your business - and it's not against the law, or anything. However, it's not recommended, either. After all, it's always a good idea to keep business and personal stuff separate, especially the money.

A dedicated business bank account will:

  • improve financial organization,
  • ensure credibility, and
  • provide legal safeguards.

And, BusinessRocket can help with this too. They work with some of the leading financial institutions and can facilitate the bank account opening process.

Get to Work Running Your Business

At this point, you're ready to start doing whatever it is you want to do with your company. And all this can be completed in record time when you get professional assistance.

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