Same-Day Dental Crowns: Tarrytown Dentist Can Fix Your Cracked Tooth In One Day

Jun 20, 2024

Tarrytown, Austin—Westlake Hills Dental Arts (512-328-0155) can repair your damaged or cracked tooth in a single visit using CEREC crowns. Book your appointment now.

You don’t need temporary crowns or weeks of waiting to get permanent dental crowns. With CEREC crowns, Westlake Hills Dental Arts’ dentists will restore your smile the same day. 

Now, you can fix your decayed, cracked, or damaged teeth fast, without having to visit the dentist’s office multiple times. Visit for more details. 

CEREC Tooth Caps: Convenient Single Visit Dental Crowns 

Same-day crowns are increasingly becoming popular for restoring damaged teeth, thanks to their convenience and superior results. 

Unlike traditional dental crowns, CEREC crowns are fabricated from 3-D models of your tooth captured using a specialized impression system. 

Get Natural-looking Crowns To Repair Damaged Tooth 

Founder Dr. Rebecca Long explains that the digital model is used by her in-house milling team to craft a customized dental crown that has the same size, shape, feel, and look as your other natural teeth. 

This entire process, from tooth preparation to impression-taking and milling, takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete, allowing you to get a fully restored smile in one visit. 

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Benefits Of CEREC Crowns 

CEREC tooth caps offer several advantages over traditional crowns: 

  • Firstly, they eliminate the need for temporary crowns and can last for a long time, provided you follow a proper oral hygiene routine. 
  • They provide superior fit, achieved through precise digital measurements, and are resistant to stains. 
  • Made from high-quality ceramic or zirconia material, the CEREC crowns from the practice are metal-free, making them a healthier option for you and the environment.


“CEREC crowns are one of a kind,” says Dr. Long. “They make the experience of undergoing restorative care easier and more convenient." 

Full Smile Makeovers Available  

While same-day crowns can be provided as a standalone treatment, Dr. Long also offers the option of combining them with other cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, such as teeth whitening and dental implants, to achieve a comprehensive smile makeover.  

A satisfied patient said, “I’ve been afraid to have any kind of dental work done since forever. The staff at Westlake Hills Dental makes me feel at ease from the moment I walk in the door. I’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking dental work.” 

Say goodbye to multiple dentist appointments! Get natural-looking dental crowns in one day – call Dr Rebecca Long of Westlake Hills Dental Arts now. 

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