Safe Glass & Stemware Packing Guide For Small Kitchens: Moving Tips & Quotes

Dec 1, 2023

Stop! Before you pack your breakable stemware, check out this free, comprehensive guide on how to do it safely. walks you through every step with an easy-to-follow video – and if you want to hire a pro, they can help with that too.

Are you packing up to move to a new house or apartment?

You're just now getting to the glassware?

Stop! Hammer time!

No, no wait.. that's not right - wrong blog.

Stop! Read this first!

That's better, and of course by "this," I mean, read the free, comprehensive guide from, that explains everything you need to know about packing stemware, glassware, and other breakable kitchen goodies.

No, this isn't that guide, this is my guide, directing you to that guide - you know what?

Just click here to read the full, original guide, from

You won't regret it, because it has the tips you need to get everything moved safely, whether you're doing it all yourself, or hiring a pro.

If you're doing all the work, then you should definitely check out their quick video guides. They'll walk you through the delicate packing process so that you can be sure all your kitchen breakables survive the journey - and it won't cost you a thing.

It's all explained super simply - and the video shows you exactly how it's done.

It's so much more than just wrapping them up and putting them in a box - at least if you want them to make it in one piece.

What if you're not sure yet? Well, obviously the best way to decide is to watch the How-To video first - then you'll know if it's worth doing it yourself, or hiring a pro.

In fact - if you really want to know what it's worth, that's easy too - just click the "Get Quotes" button over at (or click here), and you can find out exactly what it's worth.

All you have to do is fill in a few details on a single form, like where you're moving to, and if there's an elevator - then will analyze that data, and send some details to 7 of the best moving crews near you.

What you'll get is up to 7 estimates for the job, absolutely free, with no obligation and no strings attached. It's super easy.

The cool thing is, you can estimate the rate for just about anything - like if you just want to hire someone to carry the boxes from the truck to your new apartment? They've got you covered.

What if you want the whole meal deal, a full-service moving crew, that will come pack up your place, move it to the new one, and even unpack it for you?

Well, I can tell you now that it's going to be pricey, and that it will probably also be well worth it - but how can you know for sure?

Just get some free quotes from, obviously - didn't we just go over this?

As the experts from explained, “The easiest way of packing glassware and stemware is to leave it to the professionals. They are trained in the proper packing methods and use high-quality material to ensure your fragile items arrive at your new home without a scratch.”

No matter where you're moving from or to - can help, with free strategy and packing guides, and free quotes from the top-rated moving crews, anywhere in the USA.

You can find the full packing guide, and the free quotes tool, at

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