Safe, Affordable Cold Storage Reefer Shipping Containers For Rent In California

Apr 16, 2024

Get a state-of-the art refrigerated shipping container at an affordable rate when you rent from Conexwest (855-878-5233), California’s leading storage and shipping container supply and fabrication company.

Got milk? What about other temperature-sensitive products and items that need shipping? Now you can rent an affordable refrigerated shipping container (also known as a reefer) through Conexwest for the perfect solution to your short-term needs. Cheers!

Learn more about reefer shipping containers for rent or purchase through Conexwest and get a customized quote right now at


Reefer containers for rent through Conexwest range in size from 10 ft to 45 ft and come in standard, custom, or high-cube dimensions, making the storage and transportation of your perishable items less stressful and more conducive to managing your cash flow. By renting instead of purchasing a reefer container, you get the shipping container you need without those prohibitive upfront costs.

Here's what a spokesperson for Conexwest wants you to know:

“Since 2013, over 10,000 customers in the USA have depended upon us to supply best-in-class shipping containers for temporary or long-term use. All our shipping containers are leakproof and durable, making them ideal for relocation, pack-up, and storage. By offering our units for rent, you get the convenience, flexibility, efficiencies, and reliable affordability you need.”


As an AWS-certified fabrication and refurbishment shipping container supplier, Conexwest offers customization options to suit your cargo's unique needs. This can include shelving and racking solutions, and other modifications depending on the container’s intended use.

All Conexwest containers can sustain controlled, refrigerated internal temperatures, and offer a market-leading -20°F to -76°F range due to built-in electronic cooling systems. Container walls are crafted from sandwiched stainless steel sheeting and foam insulation for extra protection against external conditions and can be fitted with windows, specialized cargo doors, electrical outlets, and plumbing fixtures upon your request.


When choosing a shipping container, Conexwest says there are a few things to consider. This includes your cargo's volume, the size and shape of your cargo, and your site's access. While Conexwest offers on-site delivery and pickup, they'll need to access your desired location with a flatbed truck. You can check out their website for the dimensions each container requires.

Whether you rent or buy a reefer container from Conexwest, you are in good company. To date, businesses that have relied on Conexwest for their shipping and storage container solutions include PG&E, Bechtel, Chevron, Google, Shell, and UBER. This is because these companies appreciate the values Conexwest demonstrates as well as their commitment to robust and affordable cold-chain transportation solutions.

Interested in renting a reefer storage container from Conexwest? Get a no-obligation quote by completing the form on their website.

Learn more about Conexwest and find out how to get the perfect reefer rental for your shipping needs at

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