Sacramento PPC Advertising & Facebook Marketing For Law Firm Lead Generation

Mar 8, 2024

Brigins Digital Consultants (916-534-8402) is the premium digital marketing provider for Sacramento law firms.

All across the globe, huge law firms have taken over the airwaves to pull in clients and grow even larger. Not only has this turned online legal help into a multi-billion dollar industry, it has also allowed those firms to launch cases against large corporations, social media companies, and healthcare providers - cases that never would have seen the light of day otherwise.

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Maybe your firm is one of those aspiring to take down the Titans of Industry, or maybe you are a small-town firm seeking clients with everyday legal processes. In any case, you'll need to take advantage of the full online marketing toolkit at your disposal to stay competitive in the ever-shifting content marketing landscape. That means reaching out to clients across multiple channels and using high-quality online content to win them over.

That's where Brigins Digital Consultants comes in. They are the premiere digital marketing solution for law firms, offering a broad range of services intended to bolster your online presence, give you greater visibility, and put your material in front of qualified leads wherever they may be.

Solutions For The Modern Market

As a matter of fact, recent studies showed that up to 87% of all lawyers now have the option to conduct their business exclusively online. An additional ⅓ of all plaintiffs reported using search engines and social media channels as their primary source for legal professionals, demonstrating the value of the online market to both professionals and consumers.

Target Better, Convert Faster

When you enlist the Brigins consultancy to handle your online marketing needs, you can easily grow your mailing list using the group's database of 150 million pre-selected leads. Their database can be sorted using over 700 targeting parameters to find the ideal audience for a given service, vastly increasing the potential CTR.

The team can also create effective, highly targeted Facebook and social media campaigns, with support from inception all the way to after-action reporting.

Industry-Leading Web Design

Brigins Digital Consultants also employs marketing experts who are capable of creating engaging web design and front-facing content. They seek to provide content with a more personal touch, intended to connect more deeply with consumers to give them a better all-around experience while still encouraging them to convert. They are also capable of implementing proven design elements such as AI chatbots and strategic link placement to keep visitors on your page for longer.

The future of legal work is digital. Make sure you don't get left behind - reach out to Brigins Digital Consultants today!

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