Sacramento High-Visibility Media Content: Leverage Authority Of Top News Sites

Jun 25, 2024

Online visibility and reputation management are now critical to attracting new clients, regardless of what industry you’re in. Sacramento-based Brigins Digital Consultants addresses both with their multimedia content marketing solution.

The Power Of High-Authority Content

The ‘authority’ of your website refers to how much Google trusts it, and most small business websites don’t enjoy a high authority rating. Brigins Digital Consultants develops engaging original content and publishes on hundreds of high-authority sites, ensuring you get noticed.

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The agency employs a team of specialist writers to develop multimedia campaigns that include news articles, videos, audio pieces, and more. It adds to a growing list of advanced marketing strategies, such as Facebook ads, Google Ads, pay-per-result SEO, and email marketing.

Most purchasing journeys now begin with an internet search, so online visibility and reputation management are critical. Brigins Digital Consultants can feature your business on top news outlets, like Business Insider and AP, achieving both outcomes at once.

“We specialize in providing comprehensive digital branding solutions to help businesses enhance their online presence,” a company representative explained. “Our clients have seen remarkable improvements in their online presence, with increased website traffic and enhanced online reputation through our digital branding consultancy.”

Google & Website Authority

Google is historically very secretive about the operation of its search algorithm, but a recent leak of thousands of internal API documents shed more light on the things it considers. While the platform has frequently denied the use of website authority – a measure of trustworthiness – in search rankings, the leak revealed that this plays a very important role.

As Brigigins Digital Consultants points out, most small businesses don’t have websites with a high authority rating, which can impact your visibility for relevant keywords. In addressing this deficiency, the agency now offers the ability to publish human-created original content on hundreds of high-authority platforms, which can not only increase the visibility of your content itself, but also helps to improve the authority of your own website through the use of backlinks.

About Brigins Digital Consultants

Headquartered in Sacramento, Brigins Digital Consultants works with both local businesses and those who are based much further afield. The firm states that the most appropriate marketing approach can differ from one business to another, and representatives will develop a tailored strategy following a free initial consultation.

“I wanted to employ an external digital marketing agency to breathe some fresh air into our brand, and Brigins Digital did exactly that,” one client recently stated. “They took a holistic approach and really got involved in our business, understanding what we did and who our audience was.”

Discover the power of high-authority content. Speak to the experts at Brigins Digital Consultants to plan your multimedia campaign.

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