Running Analysis Bee Cave TX Gait Analysis for Athletes

Aug 8, 2022

Axiom Physiotherapy (512-808-3904) offers running analysis for athletes in Bee Cave, TX seeking to find the root of their pain and avoid injuries.

Running Analysis Bee Cave TX Gait Analysis for Athletes

Do you want to improve your running form? You need a running analysis!

Axiom Physiotherapy is the go-to orthopedic clinic for running and gait analysis in the Austin area. Find the help you've been craving for and never come back home with painful feet from your morning jog in the park!

The running analysis uses a high-speed camera that assesses your running at 120 frames per second. The analysis allows the therapists at Axiom Physiotherapy to evaluate how you perform in real-time and to provide immediate feedback.

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The assessment delivers a rear and side view of the patient while in motion. After the initial analysis, the physiotherapists give recommendations to improve your running form and prevent possible injuries. The professionals may also suggest custom orthotics, if necessary.

A running analysis usually takes around 50 to 60 minutes. Before the session, the therapists will review your injury history, if any, assess your shoes and mileage, and discuss your concerns. Then, you will be asked to run with your shoes for a few minutes while being recorded. You will be provided with a detailed frame-by-frame analysis within 24 hours of the session.

Axiom Physiotherapy recommends that you wear your normal running clothes and the shoes you primarily use for the activity. After reviewing the results from the analysts, the team will craft a tailored plan for you based on the information gathered. The goal is to maximize your running performance while preventing injuries.

Though the running analysis is typically used by athletes, it can also be useful for avid joggers or individuals who simply want to improve their running form. First-time patients are required to wear comfortable, loose clothing so that the therapists can assess their posture and alignment correctly. Treatment is also performed during the first session.

Axiom Physiotherapy specializes in treating orthopedic-related disorders in patients in the Austin area, from ankle sprains to chronic spine injuries. The practice also works with patients experiencing neck or back pain. It has also been making custom orthotics for cyclists, runners, and professional athletes for over 6 years.

A grateful patient wrote, "This is the place to go for people who aren’t seeing results elsewhere, or who want customized therapy to get them back on track. I love the personalized treatment and individual attention you receive here- which is becoming almost unheard of in traditional hospital/orthopedic clinics."

Keep your feet healthy and pain-free with Axiom Physiotherapy!

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