Revolutionary Marketing Strategy Seeks to Shake Up Local Business Marketing In Cincinnati

Jan 6, 2017

If you want to build your business authority so you get more customers and make more sales then Cincinnati’s WebMarketingVille has a new service that you will love. Their online authority building and branding service helps increase visibility online in search engine results and increases the number of people who convert into paying customers by creating a brand, image and sales story that converts.

The local businesses of Cincinnati will soon have access to a new and creative form of web marketing. Web Marketingville, brainchild of SEO and marketing expert Ken Geers, has announced a bold new strategy into aiding local businesses in creating and growing both their brand and presence online. More information can be found at: Through its new division titled Local Buzz Connect, it will construct and supply expert interviews with local business owners to cement their credibility online. Web Marketingville pledges to boost their clients’ market penetration through the highly informative videos presented in Local Buzz Connect’s signature credible aesthetic and branding design. In a report on their site, Mr. Geers delves into the numbers behind how effective video-based marketing is for clients.

An excerpt from Mr. Geers' report states: "Consumers say that videos have helped them in making a purchase, As a matter of fact 96% of them say this... 58% believe businesses more trustworthy, 71% say company videos leave a positive impression of the company, and finally 77% say companies are more engaging that show website videos. This is a gold mine for those professionals and local business owners that pay attention. Your customers are giving you the key to build local business authority online fast. Create compelling videos that tell your story."

Mr. Geers says "These videos serve to engage their audience on a single hosted location, and they become an asset for the business to use as they see fit. They become assets of the local business and can be used on websites, distributed to social media, and can be sent out with proposals or in email communication.”

Web Marketingville sets itself apart from other web-based video creators by offering their customers a uniquely presented image within digital media. Interested parties can get more information on their new services at the link above.

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