Revolutionary Approach to Digital Ownership and Revenue Sharing Report Launched

Oct 17, 2023

MetaStudio has recently released an article entitled “SnowCrash Unipessoal, Pioneers the Future of NFT Gaming by introducing a Revolutionary Approach to Digital Ownership and Revenue Sharing in the Gaming World.” Further information can be found below.

Play-to-Earn enthusiasts looking for an innovative NFT strategy to transform collectors into active stakeholders, granting them a direct share in a company's success, can now take advantage of the new offering from SnowCrash Unipessoal, MetaStudio. MetaStudio, a leading force in the web3 gaming industry, has recently released a revolutionary article that will transform the power of Blockchain Gaming and the broader crypto-gaming ecosystem. Those interested in finding further information can do so at MetaStudio/Blog.

One of the main benefits stated in the report is how MetaStudio has gone above and beyond to grant people the chance to get 10% of MetaStudio's total revenue, spanning game launches and diverse income streams. This marks a significant move into the rapidly growing Web3 gaming Industry, benefiting both new and existing customers. Moreover, exploring the latest innovation, MetaStudio introduces Shrines, a cutting-edge mechanism meticulously crafted to supercharge the revenue potential of Golems.

Additionally, this update will empower holders to transition from passive Digital Collectibles enthusiasts to active stakeholders, reaping tangible benefits from the company's successes to customers. Furthermore, each Shrine can host up to four powerful Golems. With every gaming island tailored to accommodate a quartet of Shrines, the future looks exceptionally bright for NFT connoisseurs seeking maximum returns.

On this subject, Carlos Domingues, Founder at SnowCrash Unipessoal, MetaStudio said: "Global Gaming Leader MetaStudio has revolutionized the Industry with Innovative NFT Integration. Focused on Immersive Experiences and Digital Ownership, MetaStudio Shapes will be the Future of Decentralized Gaming."

About MetaStudio:

MetaStudio is a global game development powerhouse, renowned for its innovative approach to integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the gaming realm. Moreover, the company's creation was possible due to venturing with a global team of over 40 experts from diverse hubs like India, Singapore, Zurich, France, and the US. Ultimately, MetaStudio's latest venture is not just a game-changer; it's the future.

For those eager to be part of this groundbreaking ecosystem, minting is now live on

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