Reveal Medical Center Works With Famed Orthodontist Hussam Mustafa Shaban

Jul 12, 2022

Want to correct your teeth misalignment, crossbite, or overbite? Contact Dr. Hussam Mustafa Shaban at Al Barsha, Dubai’s Reveal Medical Center (+971-0-43850250) for the smile you deserve!

Reveal Medical Center Works With Famed Orthodontist Hussam Mustafa Shaban

Dubai is shaping up to be one of the top destinations for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics in the Middle East. Thanks to the high level of government support, the booming economic center has attracted the top dental practitioners in the region. One of them, Dr. Hussam Mustafa Shaban, is proud to be bringing the patients of Reveal Medical Center in Al Barsha more quality in dentistry than ever.

Being one of the health center's founding members and a practicing orthodontist, Dr. Hussam offers general, aesthetic, pediatric, lingual, and interceptive orthodontics solutions to patients in the area.

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Thanks to his experience of over 20 years in orthodontic care, he has contributed to turning Reveal Medical Center into the clinic offering the most comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions in the Al Barsha area.

The orthodontist offers patients like you the latest dental technologies and processes and the best in cosmetic and traditional orthodontics treatments, including Invisalign and other types of invisible braces.

Both highly experienced and educated, Dr. Hussam attained a Doctor in Dental Surgery bachelor’s degree from the University of Jordan before completing a Ph.D. in clinical orthodontics from the University of Marmara Istanbul Turkey. He is also a registered member of the World Federation of Orthodontics and the American Orthodontics Association.

Due to his vast wealth of knowledge, he also caters to patients who require surgical and restorative orthodontic procedures.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Dr. Hussam Mustafa Shaban is a highly accomplished orthodontist based in Dubai, with extensive experience in all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Hussam is a firm believer in continuous learning and is constantly updating his skill set so that he can deliver the best possible treatment to his patients.”

Reveal Medical Center, located in the residential district of Al Barsha, specializes in functional dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics. The clinic also offers general dental procedures, and also treats oral health problems in children. The team is experienced in a wide array of procedures, from basic scaling and polishing to full mouth rehabilitation.

For patients who want teeth that both feel and look great, teeth whitening and “Hollywood smile” veneers are also available.

If you're in the city and are looking for a reliable orthodontist, you know who to book an appointment with.

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