Retail Store Pandemic Relief Calculator & Eligibility Check For ERTC Rebates

Dec 5, 2023

Find out how much your retail store is eligible for in pandemic relief, in less time than it takes to ring through an order. Just answer 10 super simple questions, with no cost or obligation – and you’ll get in an instant estimate.

Did you know that if you qualified for PPP loans, not only are you still allowed to claim ERTC refunds, but you're a shoo-in?

Things have changed a lot since these pandemic relief programs first launched - and if you haven't claimed a rebate yet, or have only claimed a partial rebate - then you're in for some good news.

I'll give you the highlights - but for all the facts, a free eligibility test and rebate calculator, or to have an expert help you with the paperwork - just visit the pros at

That link will take you to the ERTC Guy website, and as the name implies, that's what they specialize in. They have tons of free tools to help you find out if you're missing out on a rebate - and they're so fast.

My advice to to skip all the pages and pages of information, even though it's good stuff - and beeline right for the free eligibility check. Here's why.

It's fast, it's free, it slices, it dices, it calculates your rebate, and can put you in contact with an application specialist, about the only thing it can't do is make you an omelet.

Now, I know seeing "fast and free" makes this instantly sound like a scam, but hear me out.

What's fast and free is finding out if you qualify, and for how much. It's so fast and free, you really only have to answer 10 super-simple questions to get an answer. That takes about a minute, maximum, and I'm 100% sure there's no cost, no obligation, and no strings attached.

Now, obviously, even these ERTC specialists are running a business, so what's their deal?

Well, how they make money is the next step, and trust me, you'll like this one too.

While they offer free information about how to complete your application, if you want them to complete it for you, that will cost a small fee. The thing is, it's very, very worth it.

I probably don't need to tell you that, anyone who's ever filled out paperwork requesting money from the federal government will know instantly that this is a big deal. They'll help you to get the maximum allowable rebate, without all the nonsense - and it's easy.

This isn't some kind of loan program either - in case you're not familiar with the ERTC, let me refresh your memory quickly about the rebates, don't worry, I'll make it quick.

It's like this, these rebates are for all intents and purposes, free money.

There are no strings attached.

During the pandemic, you already paid your employees, but the government offered to cover a percentage of their wages, to help keep everyone paid and happy during the pandemic.

Well, you paid the wages, the government is now making good on its offer, and paying you back that percentage. It's yours now, free and clear.

There's no repayment, and no restrictions on how it can be spent, because it's your money.

There's quite a bit to go around, too. Experts suggest there could be billions of dollars left to be claimed - so tell your neighbors about it too. Don't worry, they won't run out.

You could personally claim up to $26,000 per employee, and there's no upper limit on funding. That's a heck of a check to get, with no strings attached.

Just don't forget that ERTC Guy can help here - they've helped some businesses claim over $750,000, which is more than enough to make it worth filing in a 10-question assessment, I'm sure.

That's your call, of course - I just thought you should know.

All the free tools, details, and specialists can be found at

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