Restructure Business & Personal Debt With These Athlone Insolvency Experts

Apr 1, 2024

If you’re facing overwhelming financial difficulties with your business, get the help you need to restructure your debts from the licensed insolvency experts at Rescue Me, part of Professional Debt Solutions Ltd. in Athlone Ireland (0818 333 517)!

Is your business's accumulating debt causing you unbelievable stress and anxiety? Are you struggling to find a way out from underneath ever-mounting bills and creditor notifications? If your business has run into financial difficulty and you're facing potential insolvency, there is help.

Rescue Me, part of Professional Debt Solutions, Inc. are experts in securing personalised debt restructuring resolutions that protect you from creditors and can even erase a portion of the money you owe.

Set up a consultation with a licensed Personal Insolvency Practitioner at Rescue Me today, and take the first steps toward regaining control of your life. Schedule your appointment at


The services offered by the experts at Rescue Me are rooted in policies outlined in the Insolvency Service of Ireland’s (ISI’s) Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024. ISI offers three different debt solutions aimed at helping people and business owners overcome their debt and find their financial footing.

Your personal insolvency practitioner will work closely with you to structure and implement insolvency and/or debt settlement arrangements that protect you from creditors while helping you reach a tenable financial solution.


Did you know that over the course of the recent depression - 2007 to 2011 - Ireland's GDP fell 10.1%? It was a difficult time, but by 2012, things were looking up and the economy was beginning to recover.

Then COVID-19 hit. With that, markets shrank, cashflow dried up, lockdowns annihilated revenues, and broken supply chains meant companies couldn't source necessary materials. This culminated in a socio-economic disaster not seen for generations in Ireland - one that negatively impacted 60% percent of businesses.

SMEs were some of the hardest hit.

If you're a business owner battling crippling debt, it's important to know you're not alone. Many people in Ireland are facing insolvency right now. Rescue Me was in fact established in 2010 to help individuals impacted by the 2008 recession and 2009 economic depression secure the proper resolution mechanisms for their needs.

And they can do the same for you.


Whether you're facing potential foreclosure, repossession, and/or bankruptcy, you'll find the help you need at Rescue Me. Their Approved Intermediaries (AIs) and Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) are here to help you avert the threats that are keeping you up at night.

With a full team of specialists on your side who are committed to keeping your finances afloat, you can have your financial obligations professionally renegotiated, and your debt restructured in a way that can eliminate a portion of what you currently owe and help you pay off the rest.

Here's what a company spokesperson wants you to know:

“Whether yours is a single creditor issue or a multi-creditor scenario involving many securities and commercial debts, our insolvency experts will walk you through the personal insolvency journey, explaining the numbers as well as your options with a view toward returning you to solvency and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.”


Nobody sets out to face insolvency.

Let's not forget the many stories about business magnates who were at one time forced to declare bankruptcy before bouncing back to become millionaires and billionaires. US financial mogul Dave Ramsey, for example, built a $4 million empire through real estate rentals which were, unfortunately, heavily leveraged. When the creditors started calling, he was unable to pay his debts and he lost everything. Ramsey received the help he needed, got his financial house in order, made a bit of a pivot, and is now worth $55 million.

So, now that any stigma associated with the word "insolvency" has been removed, here's how to know if your business might already be insolvent. Are you:

  • Unable to pay your bills?
  • Avoiding setting up direct debits due to cashflow problems?
  • Fielding persistent calls from creditors?
  • Leaving mail from creditors unopened?
  • Making personal sacrifices in an attempt to pay off accumulating debt?

These are all tell-tale signs that your business may be insolvent. But worry not, because Rescue Me is here to rescue you.

By seeking help from an experienced AI or PIP, you can secure protection from creditors while structuring a personalised month-by-month plan for repaying a percentage of your overall debt.

And here's some more good news: Once your repayment and restructuring plans are finalised, your plans cannot be changed. This means you can't be charged additional interest, and no other charges can be levied under your agreed-upon terms.

Quiet the creditors, avoid legal action, keep your house, and regain your peace of mind with help from Rescue Me.

Is it time you turned to the experts? Get in touch with Rescue Me today, because the sooner you put your recovery plans into action, the faster you can wave goodbye to all those sleepless nights. Learn more at

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