Rent Private 3-Bed Villa In Costa Rica Rainforest, Sustainable Tours Included

Feb 23, 2024

Book your stay at “Light Of Dawn” Guest House Vacations and Honeymoons In Costa Rica for a magical rainforest experience in Quepos! This resort has a spacious private 3-bed villa available for rent with complimentary ecotours.

Rent Big Private Villa in Costa Rica

Is this winter feeling particularly long and miserable? There's no need to wait around for summer! Book a stay at beautiful Light of Dawn in Costa Rica for an instant fix of sunlight, heat, greenery, and relaxation!

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Big families and friend groups in desperate need of a tropical getaway to escape the winter blues can now book Light of Dawn's private, spacious villa. The rainforest resort is located in Quepos, on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and still has a few dates available during the dry season that extends to March and partly April.

Sustainable Vacation in Biodiverse Paradise

Light of Dawn is located on a sustainable farm, growing much of the food you will enjoy on-site. The package is perfect for eco-conscious travelers and includes a large selection of ecotourism tours, giving you the chance to discover Costa Rica's world-known biodiversity with a clear conscience.

Rainforest Villa with Modern Amenities 

The private villa is a 3,000 sq. ft., 3-bed, 2-bath house with five beds and one sofa bed. The house has modern amenities, like WiFi, an air conditioner, and a fully equipped kitchen, while offering an authentic experience of the jungle. The package includes tropical flower arrangements and unlimited access to fresh coconut juice, seasonal tropical fruits, eggs, and more that are produced at Light of Dawn's farm.

Experiences Included in the Package

In addition, you'll get a complimentary tour of the trails, ponds, and waterfalls on the 225-acre property. While there is plenty of natural beauty to discover in Light of Dawn's private rainforest, the package also includes sustainable tours. For example, a visit to Manuel Antonio National Park on the coast, ziplining, whitewater rafting, or horseback riding on the beach. If you want to let your hair down for a night, you can visit the nearby village Quepos and explore the selection of rock bars and more.

Tailored Packages for All

Light of Dawn offers tailored packages for various occasions, like romantic getaways and honeymoons, group vacations, and family holidays. There is a smaller house on the site for smaller groups, and if you'd rather stay at a beach resort, Light of Dawn also has a sister hotel, The Mango Moon, in Manuel Antonio.

"Here at Light of Dawn, we specialize in making dreams come true," a spokesperson for the company said. "Experience the lush tropical rainforest in all the splendor of a double rainbow sunshower, a bright morning sun and a full moon over the cloud forest."

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